90 days Money Back Guarantee

At Sixth Star, we always deal with the best product. Most of our products have satisfied all our clients. But, at times, there might be certain circumstances during which you might be unsatisfied with our product.

You might take some time to be 100% sure of the product. We want our customers to enjoy and experience our hosting service which is our main goal?

We want you to take full usage of the 90 Day Guarantee!

All the more we are sure that after 90 days usage you will not have a desire to leave Sixth Star Hosting…

Kindly use It!!!
Pick the suitable niche!
Start your Business
Love the rewards
If you think that our service doesn’t suit you … We will help you out..Kindly get back to us.


We are there for you……

We want you to experience us. That is why we are there to help you out incase if you feel that this is not the best choice for you.

No hassle on the annual subscription!

Ask for your money back anytime…”www.sixthstar.in” will refund you 100% within the first 90 days of your annual subscription, and on a proportional basis after that.

How to proceed with monthly subscription?

Ask for your money back within first 90 days of your initial monthly purchase…”www.sixthstar.in” will refund you 100% (up to 3 months!)

There is literally no doubt in this!

You can be 100% sure, positively sure that we will value this guarantee.

Since 2007, www.sixthstar.in has built a rock-solid reputation of honesty, quality and service. We work with individuals of all ages (over 30,000 customers!), institutes of higher learning, existing businesses of all sizes and vendors who all know that we mean every word we say.

This guarantee is no exception

If you ever feel that we haven't lived up to this our promise and guarantee, report it to us, your dedicated account manager in front of our hundreds of thousands of fans, happy customers and our audience.

The Bottom Line?

Try SixthStar! For 90 days. If you think this is not the right solution. Kindly get back to us. We will help you out.

We will immediately honor your refund request, no questions asked, immediately we will process refund.



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