Refund Policy


At times, there might be an instance in which even after continuous follow ups from the billing team of Sixth Star Technologies, clients would not be able to renew the account with timely payment due to their busy schedule. But at Sixth Star, since we are experts in hosting and client servicing we would not leave our clients, but we would somehow try reaching them to renew their account.

But unfortunately, incase if there is a cancellation of service. During such incident we kindly ask our clients not to panic and they can very well revert back to us immediately. We would be able to solve your ticket.

This will take only few steps to resolve the issue. So, in order to renew the hosting package, you will have to create a ticket by logging in to your account, try renewing with proper payment details and account details. Incase if informed ahead of thirty we would be able to assist you better.

Various Instances under which refund could be processed:-

We would not be able to offer refund for basic Packages.

Refund can’t be processed during trial period (For Instance there might be an offer in which first year hosting might be offered for free, there might be certain cost levied from the second year onward) So, Refund can’t be expected for the trial period.

We wouldn’t be able to process the refund after 90 days from the date of set up of the account.

Refunds can’t be processed for the account that has violated the Terms and Conditions policy, as the account would have incurred certain amount in order to restore the account back to service state.

Refunds can’t be processed for over usage or abuse of the account.

Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers are not accountable for refunds.

Domains registered with Sixth star Technologies can’t be refunded.

Customer can avail for refund only once. If any customer with multiple accounts claiming for refunds or anyone related to the same customer, refund can’t be processed.

Requisition of refund will be processed only if the client creates a ticket in his member area, he should have paid the whole amount before the account set up. Also, the maximum refund that could be processed would be 50% and not more than that.

Refunds cannot be processed via cash/check/bank transfer; but can be granted only as hosting credits or domain credits only. In order to refund, processing fee of Rs. 250 will be charged. Refund processing will take 90 days from the date of acceptance of refund by Sixth Star Technologies

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