Who We Are?

Sixth Star Technologies is a prominent global IT solutions provider in India, Headquarters in Chennai and branches in Germany, and Malaysia. The Speciality of Sixth Star Technologies lies in providing the best solutions to the different niches. Whether a company needs an extra-ordinary mail server or right web hosting service or complete end-to-end enterprise software solution or a specific application, Sixth Star Technologies delivers it on time with high-quality service.

Sixth Star Technologies has a great history of offering reliable services and products on time and the budget to its clients. Sixth Star Technologies has been involved in the development and support of some very large mission-critical projects and thus makes its presence in the international market. Sixth Star Technologies provides consequential cost savings for its clients, enabling them to access different software proficiency. Sixth Star Technologies has a strong cadre of experienced and highly talented professionals to help execute flexible and quality services.

What makes Sixth Star Technologies unique from other technology companies?

Sixth Star Technologies has a steadfast dedication in offering the top-notch hosting solutions accessible, and premium clients support us without any complaints and give good feedback about our service.

It’s our responsibility to build your business look extravagance by using the latest IT Technology with cost-efficient - ROI.

The terms that we are promising for our clients from our sides are,

1. Peculiar Services

By using the latest technologies, our major products, support, and services contributing a powerful return on Investment and develop an exceptional value for our customers.

2. Dedicated Teamwork

We have a strong dedicated team, surrounded by a smart work environment that provides an assurance of high-quality results, Growth & profitability, and Reduced Time.

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness

We believe that efficiency is doing the right things by understanding the client's requirements. Business efficiency and ethics are very significant to achieve our targets at a particular time.

4. On-Time Delivery

The services provided by our company are delivered on time to our reputed clients by using the latest technologies. We have the ability to finish our works before the deadline for our clients.

5. Flexibility

In our workspace, flexibility is an important term, acquiring changes to when, where, and how each individual will work to meet the business needs and client's requirements.

6. Reliability

We, as a team, perform constantly well by achieving our target with accuracy and honesty. Based on the services provided by our company, we earn trust and good reviews from our clients.

7. Accountability

In our solutions, each employee has their own responsibility to complete the assigned tasks in order to achieve the company goal.