Account Loggers, Mobile Troubleshooting, and Zextras Mobile Troubleshooting

The Account Logger function of Zextras Suite aids in mobile troubleshooting.

For each user, it produces a unique log file that is fully independent of the main log’s (/opt/zimbra/log/sync.log) verbosity in terms of log content.

  • Use the following CLI command (as the Zimbra user) to activate an Account Logger:
  • doAddAccountLogger ‘account’ ‘debug|info|warn|err|crit’ ‘log file’ in the ZX Suite mobile application.
  • Use the following command to get rid of an Account Logger:doRemoveLogger id|all_loggers in ZX Suite Mobile
  • Use the following command to view a list of all currently active Account Loggers:
  • getAccountLoggers zxsuite mobile

Concerns with his mobile device are being experienced by Mr. User (

Add an Account Logger to his account so that all of his sync actions are stored in a separate log so that you can see what’s happening more clearly: debug /opt/zimbra/log/user@yourdomain.log zxsuite mobile doAddAccountLogger

To sync things one by one, Outlook 2013 users need include the “window_size 1” parameter to the doAddAccountLogger command. This will expedite the sync process and offer simpler to read logs so that the client’s persistent Sync Loop issues may be identified.

The most crucial Outlook troubleshooting advice is to always keep your Outlook up to date. Each new version significantly improves this software’s usefulness as an EAS client over older versions, which had an incomplete/unstable implementation of Exchange ActiveSync

Advanced Logging in Outlook

The “Advanced Logging” feature in Outlook 2013 may be turned on, and it occasionally helps with debugging. If you want to understand more about “Global” and “Advanced” logging, please read this Microsoft KB article.

Folder for Outlook Sync Issues

To view the “Sync Issues” folder, go to “Folder List mode” (keyboard shortcut: CTRL + 6). This folder contains information regarding both local and distant synchronisation difficulties.

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