Carbonio CE Diagnostics

This page contains a collection of instructions and suggestions for difficulties that may emerge when using Carbonio CE that are connected to any third-party software installed.

Check the nginx configuration

Because nginx’s configuration is spread across a lot of files, it may be difficult to pinpoint the source of a problem while it is operating.

There are two major reasons why nginx may not function or start properly:

PostgreSQL Database Problems

In certain rare instances, a database becomes unavailable, which is indicated by a statement in the log file similar to:

The database called core cannot be read in this case, resulting in SQL instructions failing. This type of error occurs when a database has the incorrect owner. On Carbonio CE, the name of the user who owns one of the databases given in Table 2 must match the name of the database.

If the owner of any of these databases is incorrect, you may correct the problem by running the command as the postgres user.

core should be replaced with the name of the database that produced the problem.

You may use command to verify that the database has the right owner after you’ve given the command.

Carbonio Mesh Troubleshooting is available on the dedicated page

 Troubleshooting Carbonio Mesh.
Troubleshooting of the System

The carbonio service interfaces easily with other system utilities such as systemctl and journalctl, allowing for faster study of the situation and detection of any problems that may develop.

Because the syntax is the same as that used by systemctl, you may use this command to start or stop all carbonio units.

Run command to check the status of all carbonio services.

More information about each unit is available.

Restart any services that are in a failing state. For example, if the nginx Carbonio Monitoring exporter has not yet begun, you must launch it.

to view the logs created by all the equipment.

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