CC Installation Carbonio

For Carbonio CE, this page lists the necessary hardware and software, along with installation instructions. Before attempting to install, please read this page in its entirety carefully.

  • Requirements

System prerequisites

software specifications

Additional Conditions

port on a firewall

external connections for TCP

internal connections of TCP

  • RHEL 8 Single-Server Installation only Priority Tasks

Step 1: Configure the repository

Setting Hostname in Step 2

Step 3: Installing packages and upgrading the system

Firewall configuration in Step 4

Step 5: Carbonio CE Bootstrap

Setup Carbonio Mesh in step six.

Step 7: Create the Carbonio CE’s Main DB Role and Database

Bootstrap Carbonio Files Databases in Step 8

altering the system user’s password in Carbonio CE management and troubleshooting

  • Installation of many servers
Scenario Requirements for Six Nodes
Additional Conditions
Priority Tasks
only RHEL 8 Node Installation: Initial Tasks
Postgres SRV1
SRV2: Carbonio Mesh Server, Directory Server, and DB connection
Proxy SRV4
SRV5: Files, Docs, and AppServer
SRV6: Carbonio Monitoring, AppServer, and Preview
Configuration of centralised logging
Place a Directory Server Replica in Place
Installation Configuration
  • Install Replica to Respond to Questions
Remove a Replica
Delete the Carbonio Logger.
  • Remove Logger Directories and the Logger Package
Get rid of Logger Service

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