Changelog for Release 23.11.0 of Carbonio

Availability: September 25, 2023

TEAMS-4100: Improved Room input behaviour on the appointment board (New Features List)

This release includes a number of enhancements to the Appointment board that focus on how rooms are entered. The improvements are meant to improve user engagement and speed up the selection and management of rooms.

TEAMS-4020: The video server and meetings are operating normally, and the token doesn’t change during an update.

The token for the videoserver doesn’t change during an upgrade, the videoserver is correctly online, and meetings run without a hitch.

SHELL-140: The user interface’s feedback has been deleted.

Feedback has been eliminated from the user interface in order to prevent feedback through it.

SHELL-128: Improved Account Settings for Rights Request

The UI for Carbonio Web Mail has been improved to cut down on pointless queries. Previously, a getRightsRequest was sent each time a user visited the account settings. Now that this request is only performed once, speed has improved and the number of redundant data requests has decreased.

SHELL-121: Support for custom URL in logout URL

Custom URLs may now be used with Carbonio’s logout URL.

SHELL-120: Administrator feature control in the setting module

Within the configuration module, admin may now allow or disable particular functionalities for any user. The option ‘zimbraFeatureOptionsEnabled’ may be used to do this and provides fine-grained control over which settings are displayed or hidden in the webmail interface.

PREV-69: Document Preview’s Print Option

When a document is being previewed in an application, users can now print it immediately. The programme works with browser settings to download or open the PDF for straight printing.

IRIS-4669: Synchronised discussion mode for shared accounts

Now shared accounts’ discussion mode runs smoothly. Both the owner and delegate user are synchronised when doing actions like sending or deleting emails in a discussion, ensuring that activities are appropriately replicated across both interfaces.

Enhanced Draught Saving Notifications, IRIS-4605

Users can now get prompt messages if a mistake happens while storing a draught. When working on significant tasks, this guarantees a smoother and more dependable experience.

Pre-Send attention for missing topic and attachment (IRIS-4602)

In order to prevent users from sending emails without a topic or attachment, new pre-send attention popups now alert users.

Saved draught inform user when editor is closed (IRIS-4601)

Now, the editor will alert the user before closing that it could delete the draught.

IRIS-4597: Grouping attendees in invitations

In Carbonio Web Mail, users may now immediately invite a group of contacts while setting up an appointment. The contact group will be suggested by the system when you type the group name in the “Attendees” or “Optionals” area. When the group is chosen, it expands automatically to show each individual contact chip that makes up the group.

Instant group expansion in Email: IRIS-4556

With Carbonio Web Mail, users may easily send emails to a list of contacts. The autocomplete function proposes the contact group when a user starts entering its name in areas like To, Cc, or Bcc. When you choose the proposed group, it will instantly “explode” or grow, showing each group member as a separate recipient.

IRIS-4509: User comments improved attachment upload experience

A progress bar and an animated GIF will now be displayed in the mail composition window when choosing a file to upload, letting you know that the attachment is processing. The entire user experience is improved by this update, which makes sure consumers are informed of the current upload process.

IRIS-4263: Remove HTML links from shared calendars

This adjustment relates to Carbonio’s “Calendar’s access share” menu’s “HTML Link” option. The development team has chosen to remove this capability from the user interface since it is not yet available in order to avoid any confusion or improper usage.

Improved attachment upload feedback is IRIS-3847.

In Carbonio Web Mail, users are now given immediate feedback as attachments are uploaded. This improvement improves transparency regarding the upload progress, avoiding misunderstanding or needless waiting, especially for big files that may take a long time.

Refactored the inline attachments, IRIS-3456

Inline attachments implementation has been refactored at this time.

IRIS-2342: Improved email composition attachment button

The multi-button capability may now be used seamlessly thanks to the Design System’s new attachment button layout, potentially minimising usability concerns when creating emails.

The user may easily obtain file previews (FILES-708).

The user may now easily preview and download PDF versions of odt, ppt, doc, xls, and other files handled by Google Docs.

Display File Extension in New File Dialogue (FILES-428)

The Carbonio Files module has improved the dialogue for generating a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation. The input area is now adjacent to a non-editable file extension. By doing this, users are guaranteed to understand the sort of document they are producing and are made aware that the system will automatically add the appropriate file extension.

DOCS-191: Document Editor and Carbonio Configuration Language Synchronisation

When you open or create a new document to edit, the menu options for the document editor will be shown in the language that you have selected in the Carbonio webmail settings.

COR-958: No system blockages; Port 8743 is open and accessible.

Port 8743 on the mailbox server is now available and open.

JVM Upgrade to 17.0.7: COR-947

The JVM was updated to carbonio-openjdk 17.0.7, which improves speed, security, and compliance with the most recent Java features.

upgraded carbonio core, COR-942 getLicenseInfo

The getLicenseInfo CLI tool’s output now matches the subscription model.

CO-792: PreAuth Servlet Redirect Fix

Instead of sending visitors to the nonexistent /mail URL, the PreAuth servlet now correctly reroutes them to the intended /carbonio URL.

COS – Server Pools behaviour been improved (AC 755)

the ability for the administrator to deactivate the server pool has enhanced the functioning of COS.

MTA section now available in the admin UI, bug AC-748

The Admin UI now has a section for Mail Transfer Agents. This improvement simplifies email administration by giving administrators quick access to configure and keep an eye on email services.

Admin can modify the Read Receipt behaviour, according to AC-737

From the admin panel, the admin may now modify the account’s Read Receipt behaviour.

AC-724: Security Groups in place of ACL

To provide clarity and standardise nomenclature, the phrase formerly known as “ACL (Access Control List)” within the Carbonio Admin has been changed to “Security Groups.”

AC-716: The administrator may list every domain

The server administrator may now see a list of every domain.

Copy button added to chips in AC-702

Chips now have a “copy” button in the Carbonio Admin interface.

Custom logout URL support in admin (AC-686)

A customised logout redirection URL may now be defined by administrators in the White  Label settings. Both the User and the Admin UIs will utilise this URL to reroute users once they log out.

Admin may control a customised HSM policy (AC-630)
The administrator may now create unique HSM rules and schedule them to run at a specific time. Additionally, they have the option of avoiding creation altogether or creating for the future.

External LDAP/AD Warning Enhancement (AC-571)
To prevent administrators from attempting settings that won’t work, a warning has been included when working with user credentials in domains that utilise external LDAP/AD, especially when local fallback is deactivated.

Domain/delegated admins are no longer able to delete system accounts like galsync and others due to AC-570. While accounts that are listed and the global administrator can delete system accounts, a major warning message is displayed before deletion.

Fixes List :

SHELL-152: The primary bar module display
The loading of modules has been improved by identifying and fixing a race situation problem.

Improved Persona Counter Calculation, SHELL-126
In cases involving unsaved alterations or deletions of identities, the persona counter calculation mechanism has been improved to guarantee identity name clashes are avoided.

SHELL-123: Quota percentage is now properly displayed due to UI improvements.
The UI now displays the quota percentage correctly when it surpasses 100%.

Refactor “Delegates” functionality, SHELL-109
When users change settings and save them through the user interface, the radio group’s zimbra Pref Delegated Send Save Target value is appropriately adjusted.
SHELL-87: Improved search bar string translation
The search bar’s strings have now been translated appropriately.

SHELL-81: Enhanced settings breadcrumb
Improved user navigation by turning off the breadcrumbs’ clickable feature in Settings.

SHELL-49: Extremely Long Search Keywords UI Fix
The user interface (UI) was enhanced for extremely lengthy search terms; previously, entering an excessively long search term in the search box would cause the UI to uncomfortably slide to the left.

Flexible inline picture insertion in email: IRIS-4702 
When creating new emails, Compose enables the seamless insertion of photographs anywhere in the email body, whether it be the opening or closing lines or somewhere in between.

IRIS-4688: GetMsg request and SaveDraftRequest interaction problem fixed
The “Network” window’s “getMsg Request” and “SaveDraftRequest” buttons are no longer visible while modifying a draught message. This suggests that the “getMsg” function is not required and does not become active when the topic or body content changes.

IRIS-4687: Prevent deletion of shared folders with delegation
A local shared mounted folder’s deletion is now guarded against and recoverable. When the shared counterpart is removed or renamed, the software has been upgraded to avoid the loss of the original folder.

IRIS-4683: Mail recipient search with enhanced advanced filter
With the use of the sophisticated recipient filter in the TO and FROM fields, users may now quickly search for emails. This improvement offers a more easy and user-friendly method of searching for emails by recipients by including email ID autocomplete and filled from chips.

IRIS-4679: Choosing a persona address makes sending possible
The system now correctly shows the persona’s full name when the address for mail delivery is chosen, and also appropriately activates the send option.

Seamless message saving when drafting email (IRIS-4678)
I don’t see any earlier text being deleted when I hit the save button again when creating new messages in the mail editor and saving them.

IRIS-4671: Draughts may now be double clicked
Now, a double click on the draughts brings the editor back to its correct, default state.

IRIS-4667: Seamless Message List Reply Functionality
Users no longer experience any issues when responding straight from the message list. This improvement simplifies the communication process and gives users a smooth experience.

Improved advanced search filters for shared accounts (IRIS-4662)
Utilising the advanced filter, shared account inboxes now have improved search capability. To ensure that private data is kept private and safe when using advanced filters in shared accounts, search results now only show shared account data/chips in the search result box.

Fix for shared account mail duplication in IRIS-4661
Shared account duplicate emails have now been corrected. Previously, multiple emails were seen when sending a message to a shared account and receiving a reply. The system now handles these emails properly as a result of this modification.

IRIS-4659: “Reply All” now includes the missing CC contacts.
When utilising the “Reply All” button, the CC contacts were previously absent. Previously, while utilising this function, certain contacts were not added to the CC list.

IRIS-4658: A more accurate identity description
Technology has advanced, and the identification description in the editor now displays the proper size.

IRIS-4657: Addresses on distribution lists can be chosen as legitimate
The distribution lists can now be chosen as legitimate addresses when sending emails.

Fix for “no send delay” in IRIS-4655
The “no send delay” function is now fixed. Earlier, choosing “no send delay” would start a countdown that would never stop.

IRIS-4621: Carbonio displays EAS inline images
When reading an email in the Carbonio user interface, images that were inlined inside the body of the email in the Outlook client are now shown correctly.

IRIS-4617: Recurrent Event Exception Invites UI Update
Now Updates UI Properly The absence of an appointment is now indicated by a red indicator when sending Recurrent Event Exception Invites.

IRIS-4603: Send for Identity name correction
When utilising the “send on behalf of” identity, a solution has been built to collect and show the right sender’s name. The fundamental problem that was creating the “no name” issue has been located and fixed.

IRIS-4598: Carbonio Web UI’s Enhanced Printing Layout
improved printing arrangement for emails created using the Carbonio online UI. Some lines in earlier iterations were either trimmed or went off the edge of the page. These issues are resolved by this update, making printing more streamlined.

IRIS-4570: Attendees no longer disappear from a shared calendar
The participants no longer disappear while changing a shared calendar.

IRIS-4550: Ability to edit shared calendar appointments
Users who have been given access to and permissions on certain calendars may now successfully amend appointments, such as changing the date or changing the guests.

IRIS-4539: Operational Email Integration Inside the Appointment Displayer
The appointment displayer now has an integration that allows emails to be sent.

IRIS-4425: Carbonio settings for seamless signature updates
Users may now easily update existing signatures or add new ones. There is no need to reload the website because any modifications made are immediately visible when a user creates a new email.

IRIS-4399: Fix for overflowing calendar modal content
Fixed a problem where the “Edit Calendar” modal’s content was overflowing in the Carbonio Calendars user interface. The information is now confined inside the modal with a scrollbar for simple navigation when sharing a calendar with several accounts, providing user-friendly interactions.

IRIS-4387: When email is forwarded, an attachment is present
When email is forwarded, the attachment is now present.

Non-Notification deletion of saved/draft appointments (IRIS-4152)
Now, users may remove stored appointments without sending guests a cancellation notice. Users will have greater control over how they manage their calendars with the aid of this upgrade and won’t get useless messages.

IRIS-4026: Carbonio Setting with Enhanced Signature Functionality
Now, users may quickly modify or add new signatures. When a user establishes a new email, the changes will be applied dynamically rather than requiring a page reload.

IRIS-3970: Adding a working public connection from files

include public connections to Utilising the email attachment options on the email board now correctly supports files.

Improved picture display in received emails (IRIS-3960)

The mail system now ensures proper picture formatting in the body of the received letter, especially when coming from outside sources. A more trustworthy and aesthetically pleasing email experience is ensured by this improvement.

IRIS-3958: Email forwarding with image preservation
A patch has been included to make sure that when users use Carbonio UI to transfer an email that has an inline picture, the image is preserved and is not lost throughout the forwarding process.

IRIS-3939: Emails with Inline Image Upload
The software has been improved to guarantee that adding inline photos to an email while it is being composed stays reliable.

IRIS-3929: Improve draught folder
functionality to prevent duplicate messages from appearing in the folder. When writing an email, users will no longer encounter repeated messages, especially when a subject is added and the text is saved right away. This improvement guarantees a smooth and effective drawing process.
IRIS-3844: Draught email integrity for inline images
The integrity of inline pictures is now protected when users change a previously saved draught or a scheduled email that contains them, preventing any broken image links or hidden images.

IRIS-3751: Retaining images during email responses
When replying to or forwarding emails, Carbonio Web Mail now makes sure that inline graphics from both internal and external email providers are kept.

IRIS-3730: The attachment menu is now fixed,
 the attachment menu has been improved, and the attachment option now closes properly. when the user expands or collapses the board.

IRIS-3712: Attachments are no longer lost during mail forwarding
Email forwarding no longer results in the loss of inline attachments.

Instant default signature update feature: IRIS-3692
The default setting for a user’s signature may now be changed or created immediately. This improvement makes sure that the modified signature preference is applied right away without requiring a manual page refresh.

Enhanced Appointment Cancellation IRIS-3626 Logic
The ability to cancel appointments has been improved; users who are not the organiser can no longer cancel appointments for anybody else and can only send alerts to the organiser.

IRIS-3625: Improved switching mode for mail composing
Now, users may transition between plain text and the Rich Text Editor without losing any information from the letter body. This improvement guarantees a seamless change in letter composition, allowing for continuous workflow.

IRIS-3616: Email attachments automatically close popup windows
The process of adding a file to an email has been improved for user convenience in the most recent release. The source pop-up window (local disc, files, etc.) will now immediately shut when a file is selected after the attachment has been successfully attached to the email.

When we begin drafting a new email, fill out all the necessary information, and then attempt to send the email while the attachment is still being uploaded, the submit button will immediately stop or prevent the delivery of the email. This is known as IRIS-2933.

File versioning has been improved for download in FILES-713.
After the carbonio-files routes were refactored, a defect was fixed, enabling users to download and open a particular version of a file with documentation.

Improved error handling in the children’s folder user interface
Now that failures in children’s answers are handled seamlessly by the folder UI, the corresponding file will no longer be viewable if a revision data “node_id” is removed from the database. Now that just the remaining files are being shown in the list, using it is easier and more forgiving of mistakes.

Uploaded objects are visible on all modules, per FILES-689
When the upload is done from a separate module, the uploaded objects are shown.

FILES-528: Seamless File Upload Experience with Clickable “Upload” Icon
Users may now select the “Upload GIF” option during file uploads, which swiftly directs them to the upload tab and displays the current file upload process.

Fix for ‘getServer’ API in COR-990
The getServer API now responds to requests appropriately after an issue was corrected.

CO-839: CalDAV appointment change rectified
Fixed an issue that prevented users from using CalDAV to add, edit, or delete appointments from the calendar. The ability to create, modify, and remove appointments is now operational.

CO-797: Carbonio-bootstrap’s service status has improved
Services may be enabled or disabled during the installation process when carbonio bootstrap is run. We get the service’s status after setup according to the installation’s configuration.

Admin can control PublicServiceHostname, AC-770
From the Admin UI, the administrator may now control the PublicServiceHostname.

Enhanced Mailing List Behaviour, AC-767
You may now create or modify email lists straight from the admin panel using the most recent version. Changes to the “Who can send mails TO this list?” setting will be preserved if you make them, save them, and then close the modal box. The same setup will be precisely how you configured it to be when you go back to it.

Account Mailbox Quota Updates Correctly (AC 751)
Now, the mailbox quota for a user is adjusted and maintained based on your choices. This suggests that it won’t automatically revert to “0”.

Correction of error AC-745: Carbonio Admin Panel Login
In the Carbonio Admin Panel, the login error messages were fixed. Now, the admin login page displays the proper error messages when the Mailbox node or service is down. After this upgrade, the error message will read “Error 502: Service Unreachable – Retry Later,” which is more detailed.

AC-744: Handling Login UI Errors for Passwords With Personal Data
Now the valid error message “Invalid password Password contains username or other personal data” shows when a user attempts to set a password using his personal account information on the first login.

AC-743: Improved error handling for mailbox service
Instead of a JSON error being presented when the mailbox service is terminated and a user tries to connect into Carbonio CE/Advanced, a user-friendly error message is shown. Now that the mistake has been accurately identified, the user is shown a “Service Unreachable” error.

AC-721: Schedule for Enhanced HSM Settings Settings for the Hint HSM now have improved configuration storing capabilities. Additionally, “0 2 * * *” has been added as a useful scheduling suggestion. These enhancements guarantee a more secure and efficient experience.

Enhancing Cross-Domain Account Delegation (AC-717)
Accounts can now be delegated by administrators outside of the domain to which they are currently assigned. By enabling, for instance, an admin from to provide permissions to, this increases flexibility and administrative control.

AC-703: The General Tab no longer displays “Prevent user from changing password”
Now that it is being managed from the security page, the “Prevent user from changing password” is gone from the General page in edit mode.

Fix for AC-700: powers Store Move Scheduler
Fixed an issue that resulted in the admin panel always displaying power store Move Scheduler’s default value. The value is now shown correctly.

Fixed problem with distribution list editing in AC-681
We fixed a previously reported issue with the change of distribution lists in the Carbonio Web Admin interface. Users may now easily update and save changes to distribution lists once they’ve been created. Now, modifications made to the “Members,” “Owners’ Settings,” and “Who can send mails TO this list?” fields are successfully stored and correctly reflected upon returning.

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