Changelog for Zextras Suite 3.13.0

Released on: September 12, 2022


  • Item Number: AUTH-403
  • The Auth module honours passwords that have expired.
  • The auth module now respects passwords that have expired. as well as the authentication exception “must change password”


  • Item Number: DOCS-162
  • Docs preview has been corrected
  • A issue that prohibited Docs documents from being previewed has been repaired.


  • Item number: MOB-364
  • Title: Daytime meetings One day’s fixed shift
  • Fixed an issue that caused all-day appointments to move forward by one day after accepting an invitation from an EAS device.
  • Item number: MOB-386
  • Heading: ExceptionStartCalendar appointments have a set time.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Outlook app from correctly synchronising the beginning time of an exception to an appointment.


  • Item Number: PS-368
  • DoMailboxMove operation now considers fetching external accounts
  • Now, any active fetch processes from external accounts are taken into consideration during mailbox moves.
  • Item Number: PS-438
  • Title: CustomS3 buckets now support signature V4 authentication
  • It is now feasible to utilise signature V4 with CustomS3 buckets because to the addition of the signature_version V4 argument.

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