Changelog for Zextras Suite 3.3.0

Date of Publication: July 12, 2021


  • Item Number: AUTH-242
  • Title: Logout invalidates a SAML session
  • The logout procedure now contacts the SAML logout endpoint to invalidate the session, if specified in the SAML settings.
  • Item Number: AUTH-268
  • Title: The audit log file’s warning notification was fixed
  • When a fake user accessed the webmail through the Zextras Suite login page, the missing space in the authentication error message in the audit.log file was added.
  • Item Number: AUTH-289
  • Unable to save the dependable device
  • Before this patch, there was a problem preserving the browser ID when two or more users logged in using the same browser.


  • Item Number: BCK-575
  • Title: Handle external restore from non initialised backup.
  • There are no longer any issues when doing an external restoration without first initialising the backup on the destination server.
  • Item Number: BCK-595
  • Title: DoExternalRestore operation: Skip_domain_provisioning
  • By default, the doExternalRestore action avoids all domain-based characteristics when the skip_domain_provisioning parameter is set to false. The import fails if users set skip_domain_provisioning to true and the account’s domain is absent.
  • Item Number: BCK-597
  • Title: Shared contacts are now restored by external restore operations
  • Improvements were made to the fixShares and external restoration processes so that shared contacts from groups may now also be restored.


  • Item Number: COR-604
  • New configuration instructions
  • Users may now utilise set, get, and unset commands thanks to new configuration commands.
  • Admin
  • Issue Number: DELEG-38.
  • Title: Links to the new wiki are now provided in the Admin tab’s Browse Logs pane.
  • Updated “Browse Logs” link in the admin section from the previous wiki to the most recent documentation page.


  • Item number: MOB-343
  • Users may now specify which folders Active Sync should not sync with
  • Users may now exclude a folder from Active Sync, with the exception of any system directories.


  • Item Number: PS-318
  • Title: Delay in indexing due to unavailable endpoints
  • The indexing is delayed and the failure count is updated while the indexing endpoints are down.
  • Item Number: PS-320
  • Title: Alert the administrator if the endpoint for the indexing extraction tool is down.
  • When none of the endpoints for the indexing extraction are down, the administrators are now alerted.


  • Issue Number: TEAMS-2559.
  • Title: Improved help output for the video server command
  • Instead of an error, a list of alternatives with explanations is shown when users use the video server command without any arguments.
  • Item number: TEAMS-2842
  • Title: New message scrolling during conversations corrected
  • Fixed an issue that stopped discussions from scrolling when new messages were received while the writing bubble was visible.
  • Issue Number: TEAMS-2850.
  • Title: Users are now alerted through notice when they are muted.
  • There is now a notice for users when they are muted. Until people respond, this notice is still an alert.
  • Item number: TEAMS-2889
  • Title: Only group moderators are allowed to use the “add member” capability.
  • With API version 14, the “add member” feature is restricted to moderators and is only available for groups.
  • Item number: TEAMS-2931
  • Title: Moderators are the only people who can use the “MuteForAll” button.
  • In a group, space, or channel meeting, only moderators can now make other participants silent.

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