Changelog for Zextras Suite 3.6.0

Availability: October 4, 2021


  • Item Number: AUTH-300
  • Title: Customizable OTP Label now available
  • Users may now change the labels on freshly created TOTPs.


  • Item Number: DRIV-1207
  • Zimbra Drive has been replaced with Drive in the window’s title.
  • Drive has been renamed to “Drive” in the window for external users.


  • Item Number: PS-325
  • Improved mailbox movement speed
  • The MailboxMove command function has been improved to speed up the process and cut down on processing time.
  • Item Number: PS-342
  • Title: Improved Tika indexing exceptions handling
  • As a result of Tika parsing, documents that return HTTP status codes 204 (no content) and 422 (unprocessable entity) are no longer retried, and a log is reported in the inbox.log book.


  • Item number: TEAMS-2317
  • Title: Addressing lag through improved team performance
  • Zextras Team is now more responsive and doesn’t lag after extended use.
  • Item number: TEAMS-2440
  • Title: ChatAutoCleanup process updated logs
  • Description: Incomplete logs are no longer shown by the ChatAutoCleanup process.
  • TEAMS-2510 Issue ID
  • Teams no longer maintains the mute state of users who log out.
  • Teams no longer keep track of a user’s mute state, and users who rejoin a continuing conversation are not muted, regardless of their silent status while leaving.
  • Item number: TEAMS-3034
  • Title: Download the Improved Team file
  • Users occasionally experience problems downloading files supplied to them by other users. A file download via one-to-one chat no longer occasionally fails because to buffer problems.
  • Item number: TEAMS-3108
  • Title: On Chrome versions greater than 91, a paste problem was fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented users of Chrome versions higher than 92 from pasting text into conversations.

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