Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.10.0

Date of Publication: March 7, 2022


  • Item number: AUTH-345
  • Title: Mobile password management is now possible for delegated admins
  • The delegated admins now have the ability to establish and remove mobile credentials.


  • Item Number: BCK-649
  • Fix for the orphan blobs on purge problem
  • Fixed an issue that caused many orphaned blobs in the backup route for objects with different blob versions, such as email draughts, by making the purge procedure only destroy the blob relative to the latest state of the item.


  • Item Number: PS-331
  • Correction of the “Check blobs operation log for unexpected folder” warning
  • To prevent misunderstandings, a clearer warning is sent in the check blobs operation log when an unexpected folder appears in the storage path


  • Item number: TEAMS-3403
  • Title: Chat database migration error resolved
  • Fixed an issue that led to the Team DB migration failing when there was existing legacy Chat data.

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