Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.12.0

Availability: July 11, 2022


  • Item Number: AUTH-402
  • Heading: MustChangePassword for the application credentials not being assessed
  • Password changes are no longer taken into account when utilising application credentials or QR code-based app authentication.


  • Item Number: BCK-644
  • Skip backup of dynamic groups and distribution lists
  • With the addition of the new attribute backupSkipDLAndDynamicGroups, it is now possible to shorten backup times by skipping distribution lists and dynamic groups.
  • Item Number: BCK-667
  • Title: The purge operation’s error handling has been improved
  • The error handling when performing a purge when the ZxBackup_DataRetentionDays parameter has an erroneous value has been improved.
  • Item Number: BCK-668
  • Title: Fixed Backup Volume Handler
  • Fixing a flaw that prohibited updating the S3 backup volume


  • Item Number: PS-437
  • Title: Centralised volume blob cleanup corrected
  • Fixed an issue that prohibited the blobs from a centralised volume from being deleted when relocating a mailbox from a server with that volume setup to a server without it.

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