Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.14.0

Date of Release: October 31, 2022


  • Item Number: AUTH-312
  • Title: SAML POST logout now has support
  • With SAML authentication, the Zextras Suite authentication can now manage logouts via POST requests.
  • Item Number: AUTH-422
  • Title: Fixed incorrect error messages upon login
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect error messages being displayed upon login for nonexistent users or when providing incorrect passwords.
  • Item number: AUTH-439
  • Title: Fix for all Service Credentials expiring due to Ldap password expiration
  • Fixed an issue that led to all service credentials (imap, smtp, pop3, etc.) expiring on LDAP password expiration.


  • Item number: MOB-366
  • Update on attendees following appointment cancellation
  • Fixed an issue that prevented attendees from receiving an update when they were excused from an appointment, resulting in the appointment continuing appearing in their calendar.
  • Item number: MOB-389
  • Title: Fixed synchronisation issues with recurring events exceptions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented repeating event exceptions from being synchronised with mobile devices through EAS.
  • Item number: MOB-390
  • Title: Loop in Outlook app fixed
  • an issue that led to the Outlook app synchronisation to begin looping while utilising the remote search has been fixed.
  • Item number: MOB-392
  • Accepting a single set appointment as stated in the title
  • Upon accepting the invitation, a single instance of an appointment would be moved to its original time on the organizer’s calendar. This problem has been fixed.
  • Item Number: PS-446
  • Title: doMoveBlobs disregards removed accounts throughout operation
  • Accounts removed after the doMoveBlobs procedure begins are no longer taken into account.


  • Item number: TEAMS-3891
  • Title: 2.12’s audio quality is worse than 2.11’s
  • Due to an issue with the keys we used to record the suite’s echo cancellation availability, we discovered that the functionality is no longer functional. It has been restored.
  • Item number: TEAMS-3928
  • Subject: Instant meeting screen blankness corrected
  • Fixed an issue that led to a blank screen appearing when you entered an instant meeting.

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