Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.15.0

Released on December 26, 2022


  • Item Number: BCK-593
  • Accounts order in external restore honoured is the title.
  • Following the accounts specified in the accounts or input_file argument, ExternalRestore restores the accounts in the specified order.
  • Item Number: BCK-618
  • Title: output to file from getAvailableAccount command
  • The getAvailableAccount command now includes an argument for choosing the headers and creating a file.
  • Item Number: BCK-676
  • Title: External restore operation with UUID support
  • The accounts UUID is now supported by the external restore procedure for both the accounts parameter and an input file.v
  • Item Number: DRIV-1695
  • Title: Better preview results
  • To prevent wasting server resources and potential problems, the preview is no longer provided for files greater than 10 Mb and pictures larger than 20 Mb.
  • Item number: MOB-395
  • Title: Fixed recurring calendar synchronisation exceptions
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the recurring calendar exceptions from being correctly synchronised via EAS.
  • Item number: MOB-396
  • Title: iOS responds synchronisation for appointments fixed
  • Fixed an issue that led iOS mobile devices to repeatedly synchronise responses to calendar appointments.
  • Powerstore
  • Item Number: PS-350
  • Title: Bucket kinds’ underscores have been deleted
  • Underscores are no longer used in object storage formats like CustomS3 and ScalityS3.
  • Item number: TEAMS-3951
  • Title: Directed to the Team app via an instant meeting link
  • Manage the redirect to the Team app on mobile devices when a user taps a meeting link outside of the application.
  • Item number: TEAMS-3952
  • Title: Instant meeting landing page for mobile devices
  • Now, a person who clicks on an immediate meeting link from a mobile device is taken to a chic landing page.

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