Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.17.0

Changelog for Zextras Suite, Version 3.17.0

Zextras Suite 3.17.0 will be available on May 15, 2023.


  • Item number: MOB-406.
  • Title: iOS responds synchronisation for appointments fixed
  • Fixed an issue that led iOS mobile devices to repeatedly synchronise responses to calendar appointments.
  • Issue Number: 407
  • Title: Fix for EAS name encoding of attachments
  • Fixed an issue that led to non-ASCII characters in attachment names being incorrectly encoded while synchronising via EAS.
  • Item Number: PS-459
  • Title: Improved S3 bucket validation
  • A file is now uploaded to the bucket, read, and then removed to improve the testS3Connection command and ensure that the bucket is correctly operating.
  • Item number: TEAMS-4053
  • Fix for problem involving external attendees in instant meetings
  • A issue that prevented external participants from joining an instant meeting has been repaired.
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