Configure several Carbonio Mesh servers

Since they can always find a quorum and avoid deadlocks, several Carbonio Mesh servers can be installed within a Carbonio Multi-Server installation if their numbers are odd, such as 1, 3, or 5 (or even more).


You require the following in order to set up more Carbonio Mesh servers:

  • having the package service-discover-server installed and set up on a single node (see Section SRV2: MTA, Proxy, and User Management)
  • the cluster-credentials.tar.gpg file produced during the initial setup of service-discovery, located at /etc/zextras/service-discover

Additionally, as previously indicated, be careful to set up an odd number of Carbonio Mesh servers.

Installation The steps for installing several Carbonio Mesh servers are the same for each new server deployed; you only need to carry out the steps in the previous section on each one.

  1. Set up the software bundle.
  2. The first Carbonio Mesh server’s /etc/zextras/service-discover/cluster-credentials.tar.gpg file should be copied.
  3. Start the setup:

On a different Multi-Server node, repeat the previous procedures.

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