Some Carbonio CE customizations are included in this section.

Templates for NGINX

An administrator could want to modify NGINX for a number of reasons, such as providing a unique header for internal audit. The NGINX configuration file will be rewritten after upgrades, thus editing it is not an option. The most practical choice is to utilise a template provided by NGINX. The rest of this section will provide some functioning NGINX information that is important to customizations before demonstrating the process.

NGINX creates its initial configuration from files in two directories: /opt/zextras/conf/nginx/templates, which are then processed and saved in /opt/zextras/conf/nginx/includes, which are then read and utilised during regular operations. A separate directory called /opt/zextras/conf/nginx/template_custom includes files that override settings in the equivalent files in the templates directory, allowing for customised adjustments.

In other words, whenever the configuration is read, if a file with the same name exists in the templates and templates_custom folders, the one in the templates_custom directory is utilised.

This implies that a user must alter the built-in nginx.conf.web.http.default.template template instead of storing preferences in a file with a specific filename.

A few things are worth mentioning:

Every time a customised template is used, the processed file (the one located in the includes directory) will add a header indicating that the configuration was created using a customised template and providing instructions on how to return to the default.

Which template is selected and to which file it is saved will be recorded in the log file.

Carbonio Docs with Custom Fonts

Any font that is installed in a common system directory for fonts, such as /usr/share/fonts, may be accessed by Carbonio Docs. Thus, all you need to do to install a font family is utilise the package manager. Use the following command, for instance, to install the Roboto fonts:

apt-get install fonts-roboto in Ubuntu


Restart Carbonio Docs when finished.

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