Delete the Carbonio Logger.

Version 23.3.0 no longer includes the carbonio-logger service since the upstream software is no longer supported and is no longer appropriate for Carbonio.

In this part, we’ll walk you through the three steps necessary to completely delete the service from a Carbonio CE installation: remove the package, then remove the directories, and then remove the service.

Refer to Section Centralised Logging Configuration if you need to direct the syslog-generated log files to a centralised server.

Delete the Logger Package

In Carbonio CE setups, the carbonio-logger package is no longer required and may be deleted. The following commands can be used to make sure it’s still on the system.

If the package is not set up, you can move on to the part after that.

Run the command to delete the package.

Delete the log directories

In some circumstances, a warning will appear during the upgrading process informing the user that the logger directory and its subdirectories are not empty and cannot be erased. For instance, on Ubuntu

You may safely delete these folders because they are no longer needed and only contain information that is pertinent to the logger.

Delete the Logger Service

In the Carbonio CE installation, where LOGGER_SRV_HOSTNAME is the hostname of the node where the Logger was installed, the service must be deleted as the last step.

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