Queue Management and Operation Queue

Operation Queue for Carbonio Backup

A dedicated, unprioritized FIFO queue is used for each Carbonio Backup operation that is launched, whether manually or automatically. As soon as a previous operation is dequeued (either because it has finished or been terminated), the subsequent operation is carried out.

The subsequent operations are impacted by the queuing system:

external backup si’

  • Every restoration procedure
  • SmartScan

Changes to Carbonio Backup’s setup are implemented right away and are not queued up.

Operating Queue Control

In instances like this, it is beneficial to know whether Carbonio Backup operations are currently in progress and to manage the queue.

  • See the queue
  • Use the command Clear the Queue to see all currently-running and pending activities.
zextras$ carbonio backup getAllOperations
  • Use to empty Carbonio Backup’s operation queue and halt all currently-running operations.
zextras$ carbonio backup doStopAllOperations
  • Eliminate only one procedure from the waiting list.

Use the doStopOperation command together with the operation’s ID to eliminate a specific operation from the queue. Run, for instance, to terminate the process with ID 30ed9eb9-eb28-4ca6-b65e-9940654b8601.

zextras$ carbonio backup doStopOperation 30ed9eb9-eb28-4ca6-b65e-9940654b8601
Manage backups at the COS level

COS-level Backup Management enables the administrator to completely turn off all Carbonio Backup features for a Class of Service. In other words, no COS member will ever be included in a backup, which reduces the need for storage.

Turn off Backup for a COS

The ${ZxBackup_Disabled} marker will be added to the Class of Service’s Notes field when the backup for that Class of Service is disabled.

The backup for the COS will now again be available if you change or delete this marker, even though the Notes field is still completely editable and useable.

Since this functionality can only be used through the CLI, use the command carbonio backup doEnableDisableCOSto stop the backup for a specific COS. For example, to stop the backup for the COS named EXTERNAL_COLLABORATORS, use

zextras$ carbonio backup doEnableDisableCOS EXTERNAL_COLLABORATORS disable

Run the same command, replacing disable  with enable to re-enable the backup.

Additionally, you may use the command to view the backup status for all COS.

zextras$ carbonio backup getCOSBackupStatus

      default                                                 Enabled
      EXTERNAL_COLLABORATORS                                  Disabled

The following occurs in the COS when Backup is disabled:

  • Every account will be ignored by the RealTime Scanner.
  • The accounts will not be exported via the Export Backup feature.
  • The backup system will regard accounts as having been deleted. This indicates that all data for those accounts will be deleted from the backup repository after the data retention term has passed. Resetting this behaviour to the default state and designating accounts as Active are accomplished by re-enabling backup for a Class of Service.