Remove Carbonio Logger

Carbonio Logger should be removed

Because the upstream software is no longer updated and is no longer suitable for Carbonio, the carbonio-logger service was deleted in version 23.3.0.

This section will walk you through the process of removing the service from a Carbonio installation in three steps: delete the package, then the directories, and lastly the service.


In a Multi-Server installation, all the commands below must be run on the node on which the Logger is installed.

If you need to redirect syslog log files to a centralised server, see the section Centralised Logging Configuration.

Uninstall the Logger Package

Carbonio installations no longer require the carbonio-logger package, which may be deleted. The following commands can be used to confirm that it is still present on the system.

# apt list carbonio-logger
carbonio-logger/focal,now 4.0.19-1ubuntu1~focal amd64 [installed]
# dnf list installed carbonio-logger
carbonio-logger.x86_64 4.0.19-1 zextras


This command returns the message Error: No matching Packages to list if the package is not installed

You can proceed to the next phase if the package is not installed.

To uninstall the package, use the command

# apt remove -y carbonio-logger
# dnf remove carbonio-logger

Remove Logger Directories

During the upgrading operation, a warning may appear if the logger directory and its subdirectories are not empty and cannot be erased. On Ubuntu, for example:

dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger/db/data': Directory not empty
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger/db': Directory not empty
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/opt/zextras/logger': Directory not empty

These folders are no longer in use and contain data that is solely useful to the logger, so you may safely delete them.

# rm -rf /opt/zextras/logger

Logger Service should be disabled.

The service is then removed from the Carbonio installation, where LOGGER_SRV_HOSTNAME is the hostname of the node where the Logger was installed.

zextras$ carbonio prov ms LOGGER_SRV_HOSTNAME -zimbraServiceEnabled \
-zimbraServiceInstalled logger