The Carbonio User Manuals


This section provides general guidance on the functions and duties performed most frequently by the various Carbonio components. The following parts contain specific sections with further details, instructions, and recommended practises:

  • Quick Search And New Object Creation Features: Find any item using the search function or add a new one.
  • View files without having to save them first
  • The main element of Carbonio is mails.
  • How to provide people access to Carbonio using Carbonio Auth
  • Calendars: Keep track of your commitments and communicate them to coworkers
  • To gather and organise your email addresses, use Contacts.
  • Chats: real-time chats with people through text and images in shared locations and virtual rooms
  • To create, distribute, and collaborate on documents, utilise files.
  • The functionality of Quick Search is completed with Search.
  • All Carbonio parameters may be customised in the settings section.

After login in to the mailbox, all Zextras Carbonio functions are accessible; using the mailbox just needs using a compatible browser on any device as long as it is online.


For a better use of the Carbonio features, it is recommended to use an up-to-date version of Firefox or Chrome browsers.

To access particular Carbonio features on mobile devices, utilise a specialised application.

To reach the login page and enter your credentials, use the webmail address:

  • your email address as the user name
  • Password: Use the same one that was used for your username.
  • Version: The available options are Classic, Iris, and Carbonio’s native GUI


We use the URL to denote our fictitious domain and mailbox. Whenever you find it, remember to replace it with the URL of your mailbox.

The user will be on the Home screen after logging in, where he may access all of his mailbox’s features.

Each module of Carbonio’s capabilities may be accessed from the menu on the left side of IRIS, the program’s primary web interface. They appear to be:


Manage your email inbox and folders by adding filters.


Create a schedule of your appointments and activities, communicate them with coworkers, and locate their shared calendars.

All the data pertaining to contacts and distribution lists is displayed under Contacts.

Individual and group conversations, video calls, and video conferencing are all supported via the chats tool (optional component).


Colleague document sharing is an optional step.


a robust search engine for the mailbox’s many components.


Set your options to personalise the look and functions of your inbox on a daily basis.

Additionally, all of the functionality in the various modules to search for things in the inbox and create new objects has been consolidated.

For the most typical actions that may be completed using Carbonio’s GUI, use instructions are provided in the remaining portions of this section.