Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What can I do with my VPS hosting package?

You can start your own hosting business as a reseller and can host multiple business websites as per your customer preference under single VPS server. It’s better if you opt for CPanel since they are convenient to use and manage along simple dashboard configurations. We always recommend it to our customers to experience and have an interacting user interface.

2. How long will it take to setup?

Once the configuration and registration process is over our team will set your virtual private server instantly. We will set the server on the same business day by giving you the root access.

3. How can I move my data here from another hosting provider? Will you help?

Sure we will if you chose our VPS managed service option. Our team will coordinate and function along with you once you register your domain with us and the rest will be taken care of.

4. Will you give me access to the firewall for my VPS?

Yes! You will be provided with iptables and CSS to customize and secure your server as per your requirement.

5.What if I need to upgrade the VPS resources?

You can upgrade your resources at any time. Whether it is storage or bandwidth you can do it at the instance. Also, there won’t be any downtime or data loss during updating.

6. How can I choose VPS package?

If you are not sure about it reach our sales or support team immediately. They are available for 24/7 so you can resolve your queries very soon.

7. Is VPS is a managed service?

Yes. All our VPS hosting server plans come with the management services. The cost for the managed service will be deducted from the service package and we will not cost any amount further if you have issues. Our team will support you and take care of all technical part leaving you rest behind.

8. What if I don’t like my VPS?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee for the first time set up. If you are not happy with the service you can raise a cancellation request and we will refund within two business day.

9. What is the standard configuration of the VPS node?

Our entire virtual private server uses Intel core processor, SSD drives, hardware raid and RAM.

10. Where are you located?

We have collocation data centres with tier-3 infrastructure located in 6 different geographical places and headquarter in Chennai. We have our support, sales and billing team functioning for 24/7.

11. Can I install any software on the server?

Yes. You can install any software on your server. We also give you Softaculous installer where you can install multiple applications with a single click.

12. Can I install control panel on my VPS?

Yes! You can. But we also provide serves with pre-installed CPanel. Try to choose it prior.

13. Do I need to have technical knowledge of using the Virtual server?

Yes. But if you are lacking technically try to choose our VPS managed service. We will take care of it.

14. Are the Linux VPS servers and software scalable?

Yes, you can. Our Cheap Linux VPS hosting service allows you to upgrade at any time without any data loss.

15. Will I be able to use this VPS for e-Commerce websites?

Once the purchase is over we will set your VPS server and will send you an email with root access along login configurations details.

17. Do I get root access to my Server?

Of course! You will get the root access. If you want to reset your access credentials you can do that in the account centre.

18. How many IP addresses come with my Server?

Our server package comes with 1 dedicated IP address. If you want to purchase more you can call our support team at any instance.

19. Which Operating System is being used?

You can choose both Windows and Linux operating system. In windows, we use Microsoft Windows 2007 edition and in Linux, we use CentOS/Ubuntu.

20. . Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for my VPS?

Yes, you can purchase them at any time. You can even access into VPS in the absence of domain name.