First things first: What is Carbonio CE?

The free and open-source email and collaboration programme Zextras Carbonio CE contains of

  • Shareable across a domain include email, contacts, and calendaring essentials.
  • a full-featured mail server with antivirus and anti-spam software
  • (Upcoming) Chat
  • File-management programme with group editing and document sharing

Carbonio CE has several advantages, including:

  • concentrate on privacy and data sovereignty
  • simplicity of installation due to Linux packages’ out-of-the-box usability
  • the adaptability required by today’s collaborative workplaces

Accessibility through a browser is possible for all Carbonio functions; the supported browsers are mentioned in Table 1.

Items with the designation “Limited” are only compatible with the browser’s two most recent stable versions.

Zextras Carbonio CE is available for free download and is open source.

Various Languages

English is the primary language of Carbonio CE, and these languages are offered for the Web GUI.

Zextras provides competent people who want to assist with translation with access to an online translation platform.

We encourage translation into any presently unsupported languages, but we can’t make any promises about when they’ll really be included in the final product.

For further information on the subject or to offer your services as a volunteer translator, e-mail

Contribution to the Recordings

The documentation for Carbonio CE’s source code is now accessible in a public repository housed on Github.

Any type of documentation that is developed in accordance with the standards and is submitted as a pull request is welcome. Send an email to if you have any ideas for the documentation or if you need help using Python Sphinx, the framework we use to write the documentation.

In need of Carbonio CE Assistance

In addition to this documentation, Zextras offers the following web sources:

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