How Indexing Works with Attachments

A new External Content Extractor in Zextras Powerstore can index attachment contents. In this manner, the resources are spared the time-consuming task of reading the attachment

The default engine of Zimbra functions in conjunction with the external content extractor. The primary Zimbra indexing procedure examines an item’s contents and divides it into several portions based on the MIME components of the object. The indexing of plaintext for known contents is then taken care of by Zimbra, who then sends the datastream to the Zextras Powerstore handlers for any additional material.

The indexing engine features an indexing cache that expedites the indexing of any previously examined information. Smaller datastreams are not cached since the cache advantages only apply to big datastreams; nevertheless, datastreams exceeding 10Kb are cached by default, and the cache has a capacity of 10,000 entries.

Formats with Indexes
Parser Limitations

By setting the relevant value to true or false using the zxsuite config CLI command, parsers may be enabled or disabled.

For instance, to stop PDF parsing, run:

All parsers are activated by default.

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