Installation of Carbonio

The hardware and software requirements for Carbonio, an installation scenario, installation instructions, and other activities to expand a Carbonio infrastructure are all provided in this area.

Before attempting to install, please carefully read the sections Five Nodes Scenario, Requirements, and Preliminary Tasks.

  • Scenario with Five Nodes Requirements
  • Hardware specifications
  • software specifications
  • Specific Requirements for RHEL 8
  • Additional Conditions
  • port on a firewall
  • external connections for TCP
  • internal connections of TCP
  • Priority Tasks
  • Installation of Nodes
  • SRV1: Carbonio Mesh, Directory Server, Database Connection, and Carbonio Monitoring
  • the installation of the PostgreSQL packages
  • Setup and configuration of pgpool Bootstrap Carbonio
  • Create Carbonio Mesh Bootstrap Databases
  • SRV2: Carbonio’s MTA, Proxy, and User Management Bootstrap.
  • Configure Carbonio Mesh and turn on Memcached
  • Carbonio Advanced (AppServer), SRV3.
  • Setup Packages
  • Carbonio Bootstrap
  • Carbonio Mesh setup
  • Installation of the Carbonio Preview, Carbonio Files, and Carbonio Docs packages using SRV4
  • Carbonio bootstrapping.
  • Configure the Carbonio Mesh Memcached
  • Carbonio VideoServer and Video Recording, version SRV5.
  • Carbonio VideoServer Installation Carbonio Video Recording Bootstrap Installation.
  • Carbonio Mesh setup
  • Management and troubleshooting for Carbonio
  • Licence Activation Post-Installation Tasks
  • Configuration of centralised logging
  • Oversee the global administrators
  • Place a Directory Server Replica in Place
  • Preliminaries
  • Testing for Installation Configuration
  • Install Replica to Respond to Questions
  • Remove a Replica
  • Add an AppServer Node: Initial Steps
  • Setup Packages
  • Bootstrap Carbonio Setup Complete Installation of Carbonio Mesh
  • Remove the Logger Package from Carbonio
  • Get rid of the log directories
  • Get rid of Logger Service

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