Licencing for the Zextras Suite

This section’s information provides an overview of licensure alternatives and renewals, and it is subject to change. Fill out the contact form if you have any questions or would like more information.

Plans for Zextras Suite LicencesZextras Suite Pro gains the following features from Team Pro:

  • group conversations
  • File exchange
  • Display sharing
  • YouTube Server
  • outside gatherings
  • Business virtual spaces
  • Discourse Platforms
  • a native mobile application for iOS and Android
Test Mode
Zextras Suite will operate in Trial Mode if no licence is activated. With a few restrictions, all of the functions will be active for a 30-day period:
Only on the same Zimbra Infrastructure can previously backed up data be restored.
Within 30 days of the current date, the Backup module can recover data that was exported;
You can import any things, regardless of their dates, as long as they were exported fewer than 30 days ago. This is determined by the timestamp of the export, NOT by the timestamp of the objects contained inside.
The updated Zextras Shop
The style and purchasing process have been updated in the new Zextras Store. The Customer Corner, which is separated into Orders and Profile, is the home page. The first one, shown in Fig. 3, shows the history of all orders, while the buyer’s profile includes information about their organisation, location, contacts, and other details.
The specific order ID, kind, expiration date, status, and cost are all provided for each order along with other crucial information. It may be COMPLETE, PENDING, or RENEWED.
An action for each order may be taken by selecting one of the icons next to the order (see Fig. 4).
A new Zextras Suite licence can be purchased.
Zextras Suite may be purchased straight from our website at You may set up your Zextras Suite licence here.
  • The first thing you need to do is specify how many mailboxes there are overall on your Zimbra server (a minimum of 10 mailboxes).
  • Add the Zextras Suite Licence Plan after that: pros or mobile
  • If you select the Pro package, you may enter the minimum of 10 mailboxes that you wish to licence with Zextras Team Pro.
Once you’ve made your decision, the total cost of the licences is shown, and you may view the fee’s specifics. Select your preferred payment option before moving through with the purchase.
Possibilities to Change a Licence Plan
This section outlines all the choices for altering an existing licence plan, including the ability to upgrade, amend, or add a maintenance service to a perpetual licence. The options are: renew a zextras suite licence plan, change a zextras suite licence plan, or change an existing licence plan.
Zextras Suite Licence Plan Renewal
Extending the life of the existing Plan is accomplished by renewing a licence. Select the licence you wish to renew from the Orders page by clicking on the Renew icon. Then, in the Duration box, choose the new expiration date you want to apply.
The price of the extended Licence Plan will be calculated and shown for you by Zextras Store automatically. Select your preferred payment option before moving through with the purchase.
Zextras Suite Licence Plan Upgrade
To upgrade a licence plan, more mailboxes must be added, and the period may also be increased. Click on the Upgrade icon next to the licence you wish to upgrade in the Orders tab to gain access to the upgrade.
The revised total number of mailboxes should be entered. For instance, you would need to input 15 if you already have 10 mailboxes and wish to add 5 more.
For the remaining time under the terms of your current licence, Zextras Store will automatically determine and display the cost of the additional mailboxes. Select your preferred payment option before moving through with the purchase.
Zextras Suite Licence Plan Change
You must fill out the Contact us form if you want to alter a licence plan, such as switching from Zextras Suite Mobile to Zextras Suite Pro or adding Team Pro to Zextras Suite Pro.
A perpetual licence may be enhanced by a maintenance service.
The Maintenance Service is cumulative, and in order to get technical help or to upgrade software, you must have a current (i.e., not expired) Maintenance Service subscription.
If your Maintenance Service subscription has already run out of time, you must pay the Maintenance Service costs for the whole time that has passed since the subscription’s expiration. Select the licence by clicking on the Upgrade symbol on the Orders tab to add a maintenance service.
Check the option that says “Always” Zextras Store will compute and display the cost of the Maintenance Service automatically if you add an additional year of Maintenance Service. Select your preferred payment option before moving through with the purchase.
How to use your BID
The Sales Team may, under certain conditions (example depicted in Fig. 5), release a BID code for a client. In this situation, proceed as described below from the Customer’s Corner.
Choose between paying BANK TRANSFER or BUY NOW. By selecting the BUY NOW option, a credit card will be used for payment.
Zextras Suite licencing must cover the entire infrastructure, according to the requirements.
The total number of account mailboxes on your Zimbra Server must be larger than or equal to the number of licenced mailboxes you purchase.
How to determine the right amount of mailboxes
Simply open the Zimbra Administration panel, choose the ‘Zextras Suite’ option on the left, and then select ‘Core’ if Zextras Suite is already installed on your Zimbra infrastructure. The bare minimum of mailboxes you need to licence is the number shown as “Your Mailboxes” in the “Licence” portion of the website.
Run the following LDAP search straight from the shell if the result is higher than the display restrictions.
Also, pay attention to the numEntries value.

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