Management of Licence Files

The cornerstone of the licencing system is set forth in the following regulations.

  • The features of Zextras Suite are available as a whole bundle and are either activated or disabled depending on the licence file.
  • At any given moment, only one licence file may be active.
  • Licence files are not “cumulative”; rather, each time a new licence file is installed, the prior one is overwritten.

Installing a Licence File

Download the necessary licence before installing a Licence File.from your customer corner, a zx file, and

  • Use an admin account to access Zimbra’s Administration Console.
  • To display the Zextras Core tab, choose Core from the Zextras Suite category in the Left Pane of the Administration Console.
  • In the Upload Licence area, pick the license.zx file you obtained by clicking the Browse button.
  • Press Save.

Your licence type and licence status should change to purchased if the licence file is legitimate. The other information should adjust correspondingly.

Installation using the CLI If you are having trouble submitting your licence, you may try using the Zextras CLI. Simply place your licence file in the Zimbra server’s /tmp/ folder and execute the following commands as the zimbra user:

Licence Renewals

Every time a licence is upgraded, a new licence file is generated; this file has to be installed as soon as possible using the instructions above because the upgrade marks the prior licence file as “Upgraded” and will render it invalid after seven days.

Licensee who received a warning

Zextras Suite enables the administrator to specify one or more additional email addresses that will only receive license-related notifications and warnings because it is highly likely that the person in charge of licence management is not the same as the person in charge of the server’s actual management (and vice versa).

To do this, fill out the Additional Licence Warning Emails field in the Notifications section of the Core tab of the Zextras Administration Zimlet with the necessary addresses in a list separated by commas.

Initialization and Module Activation

All purchased modules are instantly enabled when your Zextras Suite Licence is installed.

To work properly, each module, however, could need its own startup.

How to Cancel Your Licence

Simply delete the /opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/[license_name].zx file when all Zimbra services are down to remove a licence and return to trial status. The trial timer will not resume if you go back to trial mode, therefore if you installed Zextras Suite more than 30 days prior to the licence revocation, your backup system will be cut off as a result of the trial expiration

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