System Requirements

 Software Requirements Carbonio CE is available for 64-bit CPUs only and can be installed on top of any vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server Edition or RHEL 8 installation. The following requirements must be satisfied before attempting to install Carbonio CE. valid DNS resolution for both the domain (MX and A records) and the FQDN (A record) Python 3, latest version available on the Operating System chosen Perl, latest version available on the Operating System chosen IPv6 must be disabled. Make also sure that the /etc/hosts does not contain any IPv6 entries. See the dedicated box below for details and examples. Support for other distributions will be announced in due course when it becomes available.

Additional Requirements

  • It’s required to be familiar with CLI use. Unless otherwise specified, all carbonio commands must be issued as the root user, and all other commands must be issued as the zextras user (these commands will display a zextras$ prompt).
  • There may be variations in some commands or command groups between RHEL 8 and Ubuntu. Blue tabs are used to indicate this; select the tab of your choosing to get the appropriate command.
  • On Ubuntu and RHEL 8, the commands to execute are the same when no such tabs are provided.

Ports on a firewall

It is important to permit network connectivity on particular ports in order for Carbonio CE to function correctly. Only the ports for External Connections need to be opened in a Single-Server installation because all other traffic stays on the server.

Ports listed under Internal Connections in a Multi-Server installation must be opened on every node, but those listed under External Connections can only be accessed on the node where the associated Role is installed. For instance, only the node hosting the Proxy Role should have port 443 exposed.

All ports indicated in a table must be opened exclusively on the Node on which the Role is installed since ports in Internal and External connections are grouped according to the Roles that require them.

External TCP Connections

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