Dedicated Hosting


We are the providers of exclusive dedicated servers in India with resourceful facilities. Once the server is been given to the client they can have complete control servers with root/administrator access. You can choose our servers from Linux and Windows plans featuring high-reliability disks, multicore processors, spare disks, redundant network configuration and power supply.

We also provide Firewalls and encryption method for your security purposes. If you are in need of extra RAM storage, our sales team will be keen to discuss the details with you.


As one of the best Dedicated Hosting Providers in Chennai, we offer the highest level of hosting services through our best data centers, which are equipped with all the necessary resources for cutting edge performance. And one of the notable benefit of our dedicated server is its seamless operation.

FULL CONTROL – Enjoy the freedom of hosting with your control – youcan install any software and have the Full root access with your own your choice of OS that gives you endless options.

RELIABILITY- Our dedicated Servers are set up with reliable sources. Even if there is any high-risk event of a disk failure, your dedicated Server will continue to function normally in our data center.

UPTIME GUARANTEE- We assure 99.9% uptime guarantee considering your peace of mind with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage.

NO HIDDEN COST – No setup fee, Installation fee or maintenance fee and provide the best service for you with no contract deals.

SECURITY & BACKUP- We are very much concerned about your security in the network operation and therefore we provide you firewalls and follow encryption methods. Also, we provide the best backup for your service with no cost.

SUPPORT SYSTEM- Our team will be available at any instance to stand by you and to deliver the best support service and maintenance for your server.


Apart from all the available resources and benefits of the dedicated server, the main thing of the best service relies on the support and maintenance of a firm. Thus, our support team will be present 24*7 to provide maintenance and full-fill you’reyour entire request at a possible quick time.
Grab our offers as soon as possible and scale in your business!

Enjoy features like unlimited bandwidth, strong security, and configurable servers

Profit from the dedicated hosting on powerful bare-metal-powered servers in Chennai, which provide you adaptable infrastructure options, a fast network, unrivalled security, and round-the-clock support.

Advanced Protection

For your High-Performance Dedicated Hosting provider in Chennai, we offer specialized security policies, zero-day vulnerability protection, and round-the-clock real-time security monitoring. This ensures that your dedicated server in India is always safe from potential dangers.

NVMe SSD disc drives

In comparison to conventional hard disc drives (HDDs), using solid-state drives (SSDs) can unquestionably boost performance and data storage capabilities.

Unlimited Bandwidth

With Dedicated Hosting, there are no limits on the amount of inbound or outbound data that can be sent to or from your hosting website or application.

Role Access

Obtain root-level access to fully operate your server and remotely monitor it without sacrificing security.

Service Uptime of 99.99%

As a dedicated hosting provider, we offer industry-leading uptime performance and provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, showcasing our trust in our infrastructure and our business-class track record.

Managed Server

Receive excellent technical support from our experienced staff. We make sure that your Chennai-based dedicated server provider is always current on security patches, OS updates, and other critical maintenance procedures.

No cost backups

Weekly or daily automated, every day or once a week, the SixthStar’s Dedicated Hosting is automated. Hosting backups with total server control, and on-demand file restoration for your managed server.

Individualised Dedicated Hosting Provider in Chennai

Adapt an affordable dedicated server in Chennai to the needs of your website. Select the operating system (OS), storage size, control panel, server location, and security features that you prefer.

Excellent Server speed

Plans for Dedicated Hosting offer quick and adaptable alternatives that can expand with your company. Our adaptable plans can meet a variety of needs, from those of tiny companies to those of heavily trafficked websites.

Service Uptime of 99.99%

As a dedicated hosting provider, we offer industry-leading uptime performance and provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, showcasing our trust in our infrastructure and our business-class track record.

24/7 Support for Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server support specialists in Chennai are always available to give technical assistance, from server purchase and installation to day-to-day operations. Our constant pursuit of excellence has one goal in mind: your ultimate satisfaction.

Dedicated Hosting provider in Chennai with Security

Our mitigation nodes have been divided into a number of stages, each with a distinct duty and its own logic, to ensure that our clients receive the best network traffic filtration possible. By utilising the most recent technology and software advancements, we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Specially Constructed Dedicated Servers in India

Get more resources and greater control over your server environment with our custom-built Chennai dedicated servers than a VPS/VDS hosting service can offer.
Whether your business is a start-up or a huge worldwide corporation, we offer enterprise-level solutions for your organization’s vital business software, websites, and apps.
As the name suggests, only that and nothing else is done with a server. If it is used for social networking, e-commerce hosting, or business WordPress hosting, the risk of a security breach is reduced because it is used just for those and other purposes.
Thanks to its enhanced CPU, RAM, and storage capacities, the server can run a variety of online games better than other VPS Gaming servers, ensuring that you have a lag-free gaming experience and smooth transitions. No matter what game you are playing, the server always has enough resources to keep the game functioning smoothly.
If you own a tech business or are a computer enthusiast in Chennai, you don’t need to worry about web hosting options. A fault-tolerant virtual computer is offered by a dedicated server in Chennai for hosting and supporting your websites, programmes, and other electronic tools.
On a virtual private server, develop cutting-edge, highly trafficked websites, applications, and other digital products. Services for hosting Chennai dedicated servers can handle high traffic demands.
Customers who buy a server from us in Chennai can unwind knowing that a proactive team regularly backs up their servers. With the assistance of our qualified administrators, specialists, and knowledge base, you can solve any issue.
Thanks to our extensive network of data centres, they provide the best server performance, 100% uptime, and increased online strength to help you grow your business in India, Singapore, and the rest of the world.
You have complete administrative control over your Server, allowing you to install, upgrade, and remove any software or operating system that is particular to your company.
With dedicated server hosting, you may host your chosen video streaming service or a resource-intensive website on a trustworthy, steady server. Customers who wish to upgrade to better and more powerful resources from VPS hosting plans or VDS servers typically use it.
Using the architecture, top-tier hardware, and internet connections of our Chennai, India dedicated hosting servers, you may install, reinstall, and upgrade any operating system, theme, plugin, and software of your choice, including Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu.
With India, you have total control over an unlimited amount of bandwidth. Additionally, you’ll notice faster load times and greater dependability. A server ensures that you never run into security problems.
Due to our extensive worldwide network of data centres, Chennai bare metal servers ensure the highest server performance, 100% uptime, and increased online strength to help you grow your business in Chennai – India and throughout the world.

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