SSL Certificate

Positive SSL

210 / mo

  • 1 domain Secured
  • Both and
  • 10 days Refund Period
  • No Greenbar in Browser
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Mobile Support
  • Configure

Positive SSL WC

399 / mo

  • 3 domains Secured
  • Both &
  • 10 days Refund Period
  • No Greenbar in Browser
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Mobile Support
  • Configure


799 / mo

  • 1 domain Secured
  • Both &
  • 10 days Refund Period
  • Greenbar in Browser
  • $1,750,000 Warranty
  • Mobile Support
  • Configure

Positive SSL MD

1,699 / mo

  • 3 domains Secured
  • Both &
  • 10 days Refund Period
  • Greenbar in Browser
  • $1,750,000 Warranty
  • Mobile Support
  • Configure

Sixth Star technologies provide SSL Certificate with significant encryption stylize to improve website transactions that connected to the virtual network. Once the SSL certificate is installed, it can enhance your confidence and visibility strength.

SSL Certificate provided by our solutions are developed with the strong Cryptographic technologies to provide encrypted connection between the web browser and web server. This SSL ensures the customer’s information are saved in a secured environment.

To Install our New SSL Certificate - Just Try Out the Simple Steps
Step 1:

Generate CSR in the server in which the SSL certificate going to be install.

Step 2:

By using the CSR, purchase the corresponded SSL Certificate from SixthStar Technologies.

Step 3:

Verify the site by email verification, then download and install the certificate in your server (CSR generated server).

Step 4: (Optional)

Redirect your site from http to https.

Positive DV SSL

All browsers will similarly display only a green padlock and HTTPS.

This SSL Certificate has a low assurance and basic encryption typically for blogs or informational websites.

Your domain looks like this,

Positive SSL Wildcard

Wildcard SSL certificates will have an asterisk * as part of the common name.

The asterisk * will represent any valid subdomain that has the same base domain.

Your domain looks like this,

Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)

Wildcard SSL certificates will have an asterisk * as part of the common name.

The asterisk * will represent any valid subdomain that has the same base domain.

Your domain looks like this,

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

Multi-Domain certificates can secure up to 100 different domain names and subdomains using a single certificate.

This certificate type helps to save time and money.

Your domain looks like this,


Secure socket layer (SSL) provides safe and secure communication across the web server and the browser using the encryption method i.e. the most sensitive information of user like account numbers, card numbers, login ID etc. are encrypted to not get traced by anyone during transactions. Padlock, https is added credentials in the SSL to ensure user trust.
Yes, if you have an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.
Only if you have a registered company with government authority you are eligible to get EV certificate.
Except multi-domain all certificated comes with www and non-www coverage automatically.
A Multi-Domain certificate secures multiple domain names with a single certificate.
Wildcard protects single domain and unlimited sub-domains whereas the multi-domain protects multiple domain names with one certificate and you can add/delete SAN’s in this.
256-bit encryption is available for all SSL certificates.
2048 is more secure than other bit and latest industry standard bit key size. The strength of the private key used in the cryptographic algorithm is determined through this bit key size.
The warranty provides protection in settling amount if your SSL is misused or hacked by the third person. We provide different warranty to each SSL packages ranging from $10,000 to $1,750,000 etc.
If your internal domain is a registered to any delegated domain you can use SSL to it. If not you can’t use it.
The only difference is the key length about establishing SSL on the browser. 128 bit is enough to ensure security but if you purposely require 256 bit then you can have it.
About 250 domains can be secured with multi-domain SSL.
Keep it secure since it is important for your certificate to work.
If you are in need contact us soon we will help you to make your order as a priority.
To know anything about the control panel or its settings you can call us immediately or reach us by mail at
True organization verification, domain authentication and a telephone call with the website owner are mandatory if you want to buy EV SSL certificate.
Contact us immediately we will sort it out soon and tell you the procedure to update it.
We will send the certificate to the registered email address in case if you didn’t receive kindly check the junk folder, spam folder in the mail. Or download it from the storefront account.
You can use your backup to re-install your 'Private Key' using system administrator. Contact us if you don’t find any backups.
You can do that with your web server.
You can't modify if once created. If found any incorrect information then you have to generate a new CSR with the correct details.
Confirm whether the copied file is correct with appropriate header and footer with hyphens. Be sure that it is not your previous SSL or self-signed certificate. Also, check whether your password has alphanumeric characters or any other disallowed characters if it remained kindly avoid it. You will be required to generate a new CSR without those characters. Always try to use alphabets and numbers only.
Code signing certificate is a digitally signed certificate by the author to prove that it is not altered or corrupted by anyone. You can sign in many different types of codes.
Follow the link that is sent to the email address and click download using the same computer the Firefox will automatically detect the previous stored private key and install it. Export it from the browser when download completes.
Follow the below steps to export from Firefox.
  • Click open.
  • Select 'Options'
  • Click "Advanced" or "Encryption"
  • Under certificate tab select "View Certificates"
  • Select your certificate name under your certificates
  • Once highlighted, select "back up all" and enter your passphrase
Just restart your web server (HTTP server). In case if you have any old certificates or any incorrect files delete it immediately.
Check the following reasons,
  • If the issued certificate is SHA-1. So you need to reissue a new SHA-2 hash certificate.
  • If shown HTTP. So you should update it soon.
  • The certificate is issued via intermediate source if you found it missing kindly contact us we will issue it soon.
  • In case of incorrect certificate or old certificate is installed
Use the SSL checker tool to examine the status of the working.
Yes. You can't use without a static IP address.
1. Import the certificate, private key and other files on the server. (OR) 2. Generate a new CSR and private key on the server and reissue the certificate.
Provide your documents to us and we will submit the document as per the region and type of SSL to the certificate authority.
It depends on the type of certificate and the process of the Certificate Authority. Maximum it will take around 3-5 business days.
SSL certificate contains cryptographic key that activates padlock and https protocol, permits secured connection from web server to browser.
SSL Certificate is tied to the domain name and not the public IP address. But based on the organization requirement an SSL can be issued to a public IP address.
Once the SSL certificate is offered, the number of SANs cannot be decreased, but you can change the used hostnames through reissue.
You have to generate a new CSR with your new contact information’s and apply for a reissue certificate. Once the certificate is reissued, you will get an email with a new certificate. Install the new certificate.
Of course, Wildcard certificate permits you to select multiple sub domains on the same domain name.
No, a single SSL Certificate covers every webpage of your site.
It is strongly preferred and recommended to utilize 128/256 bit bulk encryption on any of your website or applications.
Once the purchased certificate is installed perfectly, the padlock is appear at the address bar and can be visible to any of the visitor who visits your site on browser.
Browser ubiquity is termed as browser recognition shows an estimated percentage of the users who will trust the SSL certificate.
Certificate transparency is the new framework that is mainly designed to fix some structural defects within the existing system of SSL certificate.