The Changelog 23.4.0

The Carbonio 23.4.0 Changelog was made public on April 17, 2023.

Admin Console & Login UI, component

AC-523: Local font copy

Carbonio now utilises a local copy of the Roboto typeface rather than downloading it from the internet to enhance privacy.

Validating LDAP settings in the GAL panel (AC-482)

By indicating if the LDAP URL is valid or incorrect, the default behaviour has been enhanced. The LDAP URL validation, which alerts the admin if the URL is incorrect by altering the colour of the text in the “External Server Address” field, is addressed by this update to the user interface in the Global Address List (GAL) settings.

Administrators can control distribution list aliases (AC-436).

From the admin panel, the administrator may now control distribution list aliases.

Allowing the administrator to delete a domain by force

The warning “Domain [domain name] is not empty and contains X Accounts, X System Accounts, X Distribution list, X Aliases, and X Resources” is now displayed when an administrator deletes a domain.

AC-402: Improvements to volume management

improvements to the admin console’s volume management section in general. Now that the right attributes are displayed, an external volume may be modified. It displays information about the bucket name and prefix. The behaviour of the “is current” volume toggle has been corrected.

AC-357: Whitelabel colour options are supported by the admin UI

Whitelabel or custom colour options are now possible in the admin UI.

AC-321: Enhance theme management with colours

Hex colour codes may now be used to control colours through global/domain theme management.

element: mails

IRIS-4095: The administrator can control the filter’s “Redirect to Address” action

Using the zimbraFeatureMailForwardingInFiltersEnabled property described below, an administrator can provide users permission to utilise the “Redirect to Address” action filter from the CLI.

IRIS-4066: Long email exchanges were resolved

In Carbonio, lengthy email exchanges no longer flicker.

Find Calendar Shares Limit Calendar List (IRIS-3911)

The Shared Calendars module’s “Find Shares” option now only shows a list of calendars.

IRIS-3903: Aliases and identities improved appointment creation.

Using aliases and identities, users may now make and amend appointments.

IRIS-3902: Default appointment calendar

The appointment composer now gives users the option to select their preferred calendar, which is used when making new appointments.

IRIS-3896: Better appointment creation

Trashed calendars are no longer visible in the calendar choice list when making a new appointment.

IRIS-3894: Scrollbar resets mail folder navigation

When switching between folders, the scroll bar’s position now correctly resets.

IRIS-3827: Advanced filters fix placeholders

The labels for the fields ‘From’ and ‘To’ are now appropriately shown inside the component on the advanced filters panel.

IRIS-3826: Enhanced persona development

The addresses specified in the SendOnBehalfOf or sendAs parameters can now be used to build personas.

IRIS-3825: Improved search contacts

The shared address book is now present in the search contacts.

IRIS-3824: Improvements to the address book

When making contacts, the user may now choose the target address book, and the text at the top of the form lets them know where the new contact was made.

IRIS-3795: Users can see the appointment’s plain data

In case of a display issue, users may now examine an appointment’s plain text content through the appointment’s “show original” option.

Carbonio, a component

CO-620: Enhanced web page loading speed

The static material supplied by Carbonio web apps is now compressed and cached by Carbonio proxy before being sent. This speeds up the loading process of the page.

Increased LDAP password security (CO-568)

For LDAP passwords, Carbonio now supports PBKDF2 and Argon2 encryption. The script, which may be located in /opt/zextras/libexec/scripts, allows users to switch from SHA512.

Carbonio-bootstrap verifies the address setting, according to CO-562.

In order to prevent issues after installation, the bootstrap checks during the Carbonio installation now display a warning if hostnames refer to a loopback address.

CO-553: Bug fixes for calendar invitations

All clients may now parse the appointment invites since the MIME and code have been adjusted in accordance with their RFC.

CO-536: Adding CSP headers can increase security

To increase the security of online resources delivered by the Carbonio proxy, Content Security Policy (CSP) headers have been introduced.

Feature: Storages

Improved PS-460: MinIO and S3-like integration

enhanced MinIO and other S3-like cloud service providers’ interaction with the application. The modifications include revising the command examples and the core testS3Connection documentation as well as incorporating the v4 signature and making it the default value for improved compatibility and functioning.

PS-458: Object storage-specific SSL certificates

It is now possible to establish remote object storage using HTTPS and custom SSL certificates.

Feature: Teams

TEAMS-4026: Inside meetings now include the Carbonio logo.

The Carbonio logo “powered by Zextras” is no longer displayed inside meetings when a custom logo is selected.

TEAMS-4025: Meetings with a custom logo

The custom logo that is set up in Carbonio is now utilised inside the static pages of meetings.

Closed virtual rooms display an error notice (TEAMS-3971).

An appropriate error page is displayed if the virtual room has been removed or closed.

Ingredient: SHELL

SHELL-72: Improved persona creation

The user can now send emails using that address if they have a delegated sendOnBehalf and the relevant persona is set up correctly.

Custom logo in browser notifications: SHELL-61

The personalised logo is now utilised in browser alerts.

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