Update 23.2.0

The Carbonio 23.2.0 Changelog was published on February 23, 2023.

Admin Console & Login UI, component

Domain selection should display default domain list, according to AC-407

The default list of domains rather than the filtered one is now displayed in the admin panel when the domain selector has been cleared.

Account status is shown in the admin console (AC-379)

In the admin panel, the account status is now appropriately shown, including whether or not the account is locked out.

AC-352: Management of the admin COS locale

The default user Locale may now be managed by administrators from the Class of Service.

AC-336: Redirecting the URL of the login page’s logo

When users click the logo on the login screen, the administrator can change the URL that is routed.

AC-329: Management of single-user password policies

Features for changing single-user password policies by the admin were introduced.

Carbonio Advanced operations list, AC-291 Running and waiting

Through the admin interface, Admin may now in Carbonio control running and pending activities.

Create volume refactored, AC-81

Both local and remote volumes may now be created via the admin panel. Now, when creating them, volumes may also be configured to be current.

element: mails

IRIS-3889: Fixed client timezone problem while absent

Fixed an issue where, while modifying an appointment in the calendar, the user interface would produce an error if the timezone displayed was not one of the ones that were known to exist.

IRIS-3781: When finding contacts, spaces are disregarded

Leading and trailing white spaces are now disregarded when searching a contact to prevent missing results.

BBC mail sender on reply, IRIS-3735

When responding to BCC/redirected emails or when the recipient’s address is not one of the account’s identities, the sender field is now set to the default address.

Edit appointments that participants have already received, IRIS-3723

The appointments that have previously been issued to attendees can now be edited by users.

IRIS-3683: Saved message draught

When double-clicked, messages stored in the draught folder are now accessed for editing.

Fix for Sender Field modifications in “Draught”

When a message is opened from “Draught,” the sender field already has the value that was entered when the “Draught” was first established.

IRIS-3678: Enhanced multiple reply editor

When opening multiple reply tabs for the same email message, the content from the earlier tabs won’t appear in the later ones.

IRIS-3667: Inviting appointment with link to virtual room

You may now click the link for the virtual room when you get an appointment invitation.

IRIS-3656: Shared account sender address on response

When a user replies to an email that has been received by more than one of an account’s personas and shared mailboxes, the sender address is determined by the folder from which the user is answering.

IRIS-3610: Signature with photos that may be clicked

When an image or logo has a link to an external page, it may now be clicked.

IRIS-3539: Sending or copying emails from calendars

By selecting the appropriate symbol next to it, it is now able to send an email or copy an email address from an appointment.

IRIS-3475: Enhancing the appointment edit page
If a user is neither the owner nor has write access to a calendar appointment, he can no longer update it.

IRIS-3473: Personalised user interface colours
According to company needs, the end user’s interface may be personalised with unique colours.

IRIS-3450: Location of the trash folder
Even when custom folders are available, the trash folder is now always placed immediately after the other default folders.

IRIS-3443: Roboto font localization
Instead of downloading the Roboto typeface from Google, UI now utilises a local copy of it.

IRIS-3144: Address book empty repair
The empty functionality, which can be accessed by right-clicking the address book, is now fully functional.

Feature: Backup

Smart scan operation was corrected in BCK-681.
Fixed an issue that resulted in objects being skipped when a Smart Scan process was interrupted.

Undelete operation was addressed in BCK-679.
Fixed an issue that prevented the doUndelete process from continuing in some extreme cases and preventing the restoration of some objects.

Carbonio, a component

CO-504: Download the credentials for the Consul Multiserver setup tar
The credentials tar are downloaded from LDAP by Service Discover while configuring a multi-server setup.

CO-501: After logging out, authentication cookies are removed
ZM_AUTH_TOKEN and ZX_AUTH_TOKEN cookies are now both deleted when a user logs out. The admin authentication cookie ZM_ADMIN_AUTH_TOKEN is also deleted when an admin logs out.

CO-495: Enhanced logo URL attribute
The attribute name in LDAP is now carbonioLogoUrl for the Carbonio logo URL.

CO-494: Redirecting the Carbonio Admin login page
When logging into the admin panel, the admin is now led to the correct /static/login/ link.

CO-477: Assign the destination domain to the zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress property
Now, emails sent to domain alias accounts will be routed to the intended domain account.

Zmcbpolicydctl corrected in CO-304
The zmcbpolicydctl command no longer displays an error at startup due to an issue that was fixed.

Address book for port 8636 in CO-25
With a current SSL certificate, the address book service is now listening on port 8636.
Core component

Addresses for the sender and recipient of notifications, COR-850
The administrator may now specify the notification emails’ sender and destination addresses.

COR-822: LDAP properties contain Carbonio Logo URL
In order to control the URL used by the logo on the login page, carbonioLogoUrl is now a part of Carbonio LDAP.

Component: EAS/Mobile

StartTime change when accepting an appointment is corrected in MOB-397
Fixed an issue that, when synchronising through EAS 14.0 and below, caused the StartTime value of an approved appointment to shift to the current date and time.

change when accepting an appointment is corrected in MOB-393
Fixed an issue that resulted in an approved appointment’s StartTime value changing to the present time and date when synchronising with EAS 14.1.
Feature: Storages

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