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This is the Zextras Suite 3.17.0 edition documentation.

You may read a description of its features and configuration choices here.

Background Additional Resources

Install Zextras Compatibility first if you can.


Zimbra Webclient Services and Service administration Zextras Theme

How to file a complaint

  • Installation Manual for Zextras Suite

Setup information and basic information

Detailed Instructions for Quick Installation

Additional Components After Installation and After Uninstallation

  • Licence for Zextras Suite

Plans for Zextras Suite Licences

The updated Zextras Shop

  • Options for Purchasing a New Zextras Suite Licence Modifying a Licence Plan

Redeeming a BID Requirements

  • Legal Document Management

How to Install Licence Upgrades Files

Initialization and activation of the Licence Warning recipient Module

Remove a Licence: Steps

  • Backup Zextras

Common Zextras Backup Tasks

Zextras Backup SmartScan Real Time Scan Architecture

Limitations of Backup Purge and Backup Troubleshooting’s Corner Cases LDAP Backup External storage backup

Backup Zextras CLI Restore Techniques

Restore on New Account Time-range Restore on Deleted Account Single Item Restore Innovative Techniques for Undelete External Restore

Items Unrecoverable After a Disaster

Making Extra and Offsite Backups of the Datastore for Zextras Backup

Operation of Multiple Stores Information Management of Queues and Queues

COS-level Backup Administration

  • a COS with Zextras Mobile Enabled Zextras Mobile Synchronisation

Make Zextras Mobile Available to One User

The Password Mobile Feature

Known as “mobile device management,” Mobile Provisioning Shared Folders Advanced Settings SyncStates

Filters EAS

Account Loggers for Mobile

Control of devices using Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ)

CLI for Zextras Mobile

  • Contact Book Service

Contacts and Address Books Additional Address Books Outlook Setup Address Book Naming Accessing the LDAP Address Book

  • Zextras’ mobile troubleshooting tools for Outlook and Account Loggers
  • Zextras Powerstore Overview
centralised storage provided by Zimbra
Volume Control
Storage Management Policy Management in Hierarchy
Powerstore Zextras and S3 buckets
Advanced Volume Operations with Items
Switching Mail Stores to Move Mailboxes
  • Indexing of Zextras Powerstore CLI Attachments
How Indexing Functions
Accessible Formats
Parser Limits
  • Extractor of external content
Why use a content extractor on a Tika Server?
Changing to the Tika Server Tika Server Administration Is the Tika Server Up and Running?
Delegated Admin Provisioning Quota Management Domain Limits for Zextras
Delegated Admin Log Browsing, Reports, and Information Configuration for Zimbra Administration Zextras Admin CLI reset
  • Zextras Drive Overview
Briefcase vs. Drive Zimlet Installation Differences Browser Compatibility
Drive UI Feature Description for Mobile Apps
technical details
Migration of HSM Briefcase and Zextras Drive
Drive Zextras CLI
  • Zappos Docs
Components in the Introduction and Minimum System Requirements
compatibility with browsers
Flow of Document Management
connectivity and ports
Configuration and Installation
Removal Commands
CLI for Zextras Docs
  • Auth Zextras
Zextras Auth ZxAuth for Admins: What Is It?
(Auth Zimlet) ZxAuth for users
Credential Administration
Auth Zextras CLI
  • Team Zextras
Definition of Zextras Team Licencing
Installation of Zimlet by Zextras Team
Ports and URLs
Zextras Team management
compatibility with browsers
User Interface for Mobile Apps
Email and Instant Messaging in the Workplace
File exchange
Autocomplete Presence
Messages that have not yet been read
Messaging: Edit, Reply, Forward, and Delete
Chat Record
The CLII Zextras Team
Team Zextras CLI
  • Video Server Requirements for Zextras
Architecture for Client Configuration, Installation, and Service Control
Scaling Video Server’s Bandwidth and Codecs
Enhanced options
  • CLI
ZxAdmin CLI Instructions
ZxAuth CLI Instructions
ZxBackup CLI Instructions
ZxConfig CLI Instructions
Commands for ZxCore’s CLI
ZxDocs CLI Instructions
ZxDrive CLI Instructions
ZxMobile CLI Instructions
Commands for the ZxPowerstore CLI
Commands for ZxTeam’s CLI
ZxUpdate CLI Instructions
  • Changelogs
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