Carbonio Mail
Robust and

The private corporate email and collaboration platform Carbonio is completely exclusive and includes:

• E-mail, Contacts and Calendar Essentials, Address book all shareable across a domain

• A complete corporate email server equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus software

• Chat and Video chats

• Supports Mobile App both Android and IOS

• Robust backup and High Availability

• File Management System including collaborative editing and document sharing

Fully Private Digital Workplace


Carbonio is trusted by most of the businesses who looking for digital sovereignty but can’t give up scalability.

Mail Features

  • Private email server
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • Advanced storage management
  • Specialized administrative profiles
  • High Availability
  • Secure authentication
  • Chat and video chats

Community Edition

  • Advanced E-mail
  • Shared Calendars
  • File Management
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Easy Administration
  • Complete Set of Modern Features
  • Free and Open-source
  • Calendar 
  • Android & IOS App

Carbonio for
Public sector

  • As per Government norms
  • Achieve Data Sovereignty
  • Private Deployment
  • on Premises
  • Digital Workplace
  • Locality
  • Data privacy
  • Managed Service


  • 24 / 7 Expertise Support
  • Live monitoring
  • Scalability
  • Data protection
  • Video meeting and Chats
  • Advanced Email Management
  • Collaborative editing
The free and open source email and collaboration software
Carbonio Community Edition

Unleash the full transparency and interoperability of Carbonio Community Edition, which is 100% open source. Use the software as needed.

Carbonio Community Edition, created for the networked workplace, is offered through native Linux packaging. Once installed, all of the functions are available right immediately.

With crucial email features, video calls, file management, and collaborative editing, Carbonio CE is prepared for today’s collaborative hybrid workplace.


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