Carbonio Email Hosting Providers

Dedicated Carbonio Email Service Providers

Carbonio Email Hosting & Collaborations provides an Secured and Private Collaboration Infrastructure to an organisations with our dedicated carbonio hosting services.

Instantaneous Backup & Restore:
With Carbonio’s clever real-time backup and restoration engine, which backs up each and every item and event with split-second accuracy, you can prevent data loss.

S/MIME Signatures and Encryption:

Enhanced cryptographic security services, including message integrity, data encryption, and others, for email.


In Sixth-Star Technologies Chennai we are providing different types of shared hosting with best packages and they are

These hosting services which we provide in Chennai are valuable and affordable to all the customers since they are been shared by other website users.


With the option to be Carbonio email services provider on-premises or in the cloud (public and private), Zextras Carbonio offers the most cutting-edge email and team collaboration experience. Its cutting-edge, integrated web experience increases productivity and makes it possible for distant teams to work together without any issues.

By providing numerous layers of data archiving, daily backups, and 1-click recovery tools, Carbonio focuses on security and data privacy in contrast to other email and collaboration systems.

We will migrate you for FREE!

Let us move your emails without losing any data. To prevent any delays, all migration tasks are scheduled in accordance with the hours when your firm is open with our secured carbonio Email service hosting.