Shared Server Hosting

Shared Server Hostings In Chennai

Shared server hosting is commonly used for personal or small business purposes where you rely on the host server along with other websites. This type of hosting is very affordable since every website user will share their pay. Though it is a shared host, the security will be best and protected that no other websites can view yours and vice versa. Shared Server Hostings in Chennai Are provided by the top Hosting providers ” Sixth Star Technologies”

If you’re looking for the best shared hosting in Chennai, Sixth-star Technologies offers a top-notch service for users with limited resources or personal uses. In terms of cost-effective and economical hosting options, shared hosting is an ideal choice for individuals and small businesses.


Two-factor Authentication (2FA): Your mails will have an additional layer of protection thanks to Carbonio’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system.

Discovery and Archiving: Businesses who need legal and audit compliance for their email service can use Carboni’s optional Archiving and Discovery capability.

Videos calls and chats: Zimbra Connect provides 1:1 texting, group chat, and video calls for collaboration. Nothing needs to be used separately, everything is under one roof.

Documents & Drive Collaboration: Carbonio Features are designeed to collaborate with teams together on papers and presentations in real-time, share files with coworkers, and create documents with Carbonio Docs and Carbonio Drive.


Out of all these, we have excellent features when it comes to shared web hosting and some of them are listed as below,

Graphic interfaces

For both control panel or Plesk control platform.

Full Application Support

Applications of the third party can also be installed or removed by customers.

Free Technical Support

24/7 support is been provided with backups and our support team will help in maintaining your platforms.

Affordable Pricing

Free and instant setup is available and your packages will be of reasonable cost.


If you have become one of our partners in hosting services we will provide you one of the shared server hostings in chennai unlike other companies. Looking up to shared hosting some of the benefits are:

  • Fast and reliable hosting services
  • Uptime guaranteed
  • Best technology services
  • One click installation
  • Top quality server setup for your platforms.
  • Best control panel and E-commerce features will be given.
  • Best maintenance and support

Even if you are lacking some technical knowledge in the hosting side our professional will help you to sort out the problem.

We have endless features and packages for hosting services. So, with no further delay join your hand with us to start a succeeding business.