99.9% Uptime = Commitment & Affirmation

A website that is “down” is as good as not having a site at all – no visitors, no traffic, no revenue, nothing – zilch. Because of this, a very high uptime guarantee percentage should be your top, or at the very least, major criterion when choosing a host.  That is why we, at Sixth star have Uptime as a major criterion. 

These days, some people say you should never settle for anything less than 99.9% as 99.9% starting to become the "industry standard"/the norm. We at sixth Start strive for 99.9% Uptime for shared hosting, VPS hosting a dedicated hosting.  As more and more hosting companies are offering 99.9% Uptime, those offering less than that will surely lose out in the competition simply because uptime is so important to website owners. 

Logically, the more domains/websites you plan to host in a single account, the higher percentage you should look for.  For dedicated Hosting, a separate server space would be allotted top you for your usage.

That is why we at Sixth Star assure our client with 99.9% uptime. Honestly speaking, we are maintaining this that is why we boast on our feature.

We are much committed to guarantee 99.9% uptime to our entire valuable client. Hence, our clients are much satisfied and are affirmed with our service and dedication.


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