Outgoing Spam filter

Why select SixthStar Outgoing Spam filter?

SixthStar offers cloud-based outgoing spam filter that detects and blocks spams to provide the most secured email delivery. Using the outgoing spam filter, you can easily remove mail delivery issues caused by IP address blacklisting.

Evade IP blacklisting

The utilization of outgoing spam filter will help you to get free from network-oriented issues and reduces the time spent on ordering the spam mail.

Defend your brand and infrastructure

We ensure positive client prestige by providing them with an excellent and complete email solution with integrity.

Enhance abuse operability

Our outgoing spam filter provides neat and clear reports denoting, which users’ needs your consideration, and systematically locks them.

Avoid heavy fines

Nation-wide legislative and control organization established a rule that is to pay heavy fines for Sending out harmful emails.

Process carried out in SixthStar’s Outgoing spam filter

Start outgoing filtering

Create outgoing user

Configure the abuse report address

Configure outgoing delivery

Set up SPF

Set up DKIM

Set up your SMTP Hostnames

Configure your MTA

Connection Limits

Available Outgoing ports

Block Outgoing Traffic on port 25

Outgoing License Size

How to count users/domains?

Configure your MTA


PostFix iP authentication

PostFix per Username authentication

PostFix Sender-based routing

cPanel/WHM User-based authentication

cPanel/WHM IP-bases authentication

cPanel/WHM IP-based authentication for selected domain

Exim IP based authentication

Exim Username based authentication

Microsoft Exchange





Outbound spam monitoring

Control panel quarantine (only for Local Cloud)

Managing outgoing spam

Automatic and manual locking

Alternative reporting

View outgoing bandwidth overview

Manage identities

Add identities

Manage outgoing user

Add an outgoing user

Edit an outgoing user

Outgoing Identity setup

Setup Outgoing user authentication for multiple domains with same IP address

Generate outgoing report

View outgoing blacklist filtering rules

Domain rules

Admin Rules

Default Rules

Global Rules

Inherited Rules

Query Rules

Add an outgoing blacklist filtering rules

Outgoing Log Search

Filter outgoing mail


Create email scout report

DKIM Certificate generation

Manage outgoing settings

Clear Callout cache – outgoing

View domain statistics outgoing

Technical Features of Outgoing Spam Filter

Dual deployment

The outbound email filtering can be implemented either in the hosted cloud or into your system hardware locally based on your needs. Additionally, it can be utilized as an outbound SMTP server or redirect all outgoing traffic via the system

Integration and automation

We offer a pre-designed add-on to completely combine outgoing spam filter with significant control panels and other email collaboration tools like


Odin service automation

ISP system




Supported mail servers

Our email solutions entirely support any of the SMTP based mail servers like

Zimbra mail

Postfix mail filter




Exchange mail filter

Reports and support

Apart from ARF reports and automatic locking, we also hold ties with RBL operators and security firm with business.

Software updates and maintenance

Don’t spend your quality time in doing administrating work for your system. Our expert professional team will completely take care of your system.


SixthStar’s spam filter has user-friendly interface provides various permission stage, branding choices, new user/account discovery, blacklisting tools, whitelisting tools etc.

Domain Settings – Allows global admins to specify some limits at the domain level that any admins cannot exceed.

Quota Management – Allows global admin to set different types of quota limits.

User Management Through Class-ofservice – Define which users in the domain can use a specific class of service.

User Management Through Class-ofservice – Define which users in the domain can use a specific class of service.

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