Our Business Model

Sixth Star Technologies follows the best strategies of business model which involves, how we approach our clients and capture their requirement value. Based on their requirement we will create, organize and deliver quality products for our global and local clients. In case, if the clients are not having any clear vision about the project, we suggest them the right business model with the details of resources and the time period to complete the project. Thus, the business model helps to provide the best direction firm that enhances you to get the essence of success in your business industry. The way we approach the clients, collecting their requirements, developing project in a professional manner and delivery the product on time which led us to receive good feedback from our customers without any complaints.

Predetermined Price Approach

“Clear Vision and Outcomes”

Sixth Star Technologies acquires best business marketing plans with fixed price model. This model is applicable, only if the clients have clear vision about their requirement and discuss it with developers. They should allocate the fixed budget and time duration to complete the project. In case of any changes needed in the project execution that can be rectified immediately. This approach is useful for small projects with limited project scopes.

  •  Exact requirements and mentioned deadlines
  •  Fixed cost
  •  MVPs
  •  Small projects
Time and Material Approach

“Flexibility and Modification”

Sixth Star Technologies uses this model, only for the long-term project and dynamic requirements. Time and Material based approach is the best option for the clients who doesn’t know the full project scope and specification. In this model, the exact number of hours and cost of resources is reported to the clients properly. We have certain skills like flexibility, ability to adjust requirements, feature replacement to get the perfect products. We could able to modify the certain specifications required from the client side.

  •  Not mentioned perfect requirement
  •  Long-Term projects
  •  Flexibility
  •  Required to change the scope of the project