Incoming Spam Filter


Guard your network against spams

We have applied innovative and best strategy to exclude spam mail before it reaches your inbox.

Identifies new spam instantly

We ensure uninterrupted progress in safe data collection and analysis, immediately finding new techniques and identifying the threats. That amassed spam filter technique is shared in real-time with all our worldwide clients, offering an instant solution against new malware issues.

Maximized Email Continuity

An additional protection layer is provided in spam filter for redundancy and email continuity purpose. When the receiver mail server is unapproachable, SixthStar’s Spam filters queue inbound email.

Superior filter quality and efficiency

Our spam filter process tons of emails per second. We offer incoming Spam filters that provide you with more accuracy.

Enhance resource effectiveness

Our superior level incoming filter functions in your mail infrastructure, and you no longer require to handle such a huge number of inbounding mail spam.

Strengthen employee productivity

Using this Spam filter, your quality time is preserved and thus you can concentrate fully on your business work.

Process carried out in SixthStar’s Incoming spam filter

1.Filtering Technology

SMTP Level Filtering

Data Level Filtering

2.Filtering Technology


Add domain

Configure MX record

3.View incoming Bandwidth overview

4.View incoming delivery queue

5.Incoming whitelist filtering rules

Domain rules

Admin rules

Default rules

Global rules

Inherited rules

Query rules

Add incoming whitelist filtering rules

Incoming Blacklist filtering rules

Domain rules

Admin rules

Default rules

Global rules

Inherited rules

Query rules

Add Incoming Blacklist filtering rules

View incoming log search

Filter incoming mail


Create email scout report

1.View spam quarantine

Enable the quarantine

Access the quarantine

View Domain level incoming spam quarantine

View Email Level spam quarantine

IMAP Access

IMAP folders

Message queueing

Automatic retry schedule

Message queued

Your own fallback server

Manage domain alias

Add domain alias

Configure domain settings

Rejected local part characters

Advanced settings

Manage destinations

Add destinations

Perform Network checks on destination server

View domain statistics

Train spam

Train not spam

Report spam

Clear callout cache – incoming

Set up whitelist filtering rules domain level

Set up blacklist filtering rules domain level

Technical Features of Incoming Spam Filter

Dual deployment options

You can either pick our hosted cloud spam filter or indulge the incoming filter instantly into your cloud hardware locally.

Integration and automation

SixthStar offers pre-built accomplices to completely incorporate the incoming filter with significant control panels and other email collaboration tools such as


Odin Service Automation

Direct Admin



Supported mail server

Our spam filter solution is completely independent and assists any SMTP consistent mail server like

Zimbra mail

Exchange mail filter

Postfix mail filter




Full support and updates

The incoming spam filter is entirely monitored, maintained and updated by our expert team and synchronize with our worldwide centralized database.

Quarantine and reporting

In order to verify the status of any email, we provide an extensive log-search tool with progressed quarantine options. These quarantine options can be displayed through IMAP via web.

Delivery queue

We provide an additional redundancy level in spam filter when required destination server become unreached. The queued mails are forced to the receiver end mail server when approachable again, thus it avoids email from being lost or pushed back to the sender.


In this incoming spam filter, there is an availability of multi-level central web interface that provides access to various permission levels, branding choices and other functional capabilities like user detection, whitelisting tools, blacklisting tools and attachment management.

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