Dedicated Hosting


We are the providers of exclusive dedicated server hosting in Chennai with resourceful facilities. Once the server is been given to the client they can have complete control servers with root/administrator access. You can choose our servers from Linux and Windows plans featuring high-reliability disks, multicore processors, spare disks, redundant network configuration and power supply. We also provide Firewalls and encryption method for your security purposes. If you are in need of extra RAM storage, our sales team will be keen to discuss the details with you.


As one of the best Dedicated Hosting Providers in Chennai, we offer the highest level of hosting services through our best data centers, which are equipped with all the necessary resources for cutting edge performance. And one of the notable benefit of our dedicated server is its seamless operation.

FULL CONTROL:  Enjoy the freedom of hosting with your control – youcan install any software and have the Full root access with your own your choice of OS that gives you endless options.

RELIABILITY: Our dedicated Server hostings are set up with reliable sources. Even if there is any high-risk event of a disk failure, your dedicated Server will continue to function normally in our data center.

UPTIME GUARANTEE: We assure 99.9% uptime guarantee considering your peace of mind with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage.

NO HIDDEN COST: No setup fee, Installation fee or maintenance fee and provide the best service for you with no contract deals.

SECURITY & BACKUP: We are very much concerned about your security in the network operation and therefore we provide you firewalls and follow encryption methods. Also, we provide the best backup for your service with no cost.

SUPPORT SYSTEM: Our team will be available at any instance to stand by you and to deliver the best support service and maintenance for your server.


Apart from all the available resources and benefits of the dedicated server hosting in chennai, the main thing of the best service relies on the support and maintenance of a firm. Thus, our support team will be present 24*7 to provide maintenance and full-fill your your entire request at a possible quick time.

Grab our offers as soon as possible and scale in your business!

Strong And Configurable Servers

Enjoy features like unlimited bandwidth, strong security, and configurable servers Profit from the dedicated hosting on powerful bare-metal-powered servers in Chennai, which provide you adaptable infrastructure options, a fast network, unrivalled security, and round-the-clock support.

Advanced Protection

For High-Performance Dedicated server Hosting provider in Chennai, we offer specialized security policies, zero-day vulnerability protection, and round-the-clock real-time security monitoring. This ensures that your dedicated server in India is always safe from potential dangers.

NVMe SSD Disc Drives

In comparison to conventional hard disc drives (HDDs), using solid-state drives (SSDs) can unquestionably boost performance and data storage capabilities.