domains manage in Carbonio CE

Manage Domains Options for setting up accounts, mailing lists, and general resources are available on the Manage Domains page. Accounts This page […]

Create New Domain in Carbonio CE

Domains You may manage individual accounts, user quota and authentication, mailing lists, and other associated settings on the Domain page. Domain information […]

Admin Panel for Carbonio CE

Admin Panel for Carbonio From Carbonio CE 22.11.0 on, the Carbonio Admin Panel component, which is installed by default, provides access to […]

Securing LDAP in Carbonio CE

Securing LDAP Securing LDAP By default, Carbonio CE’s LDAP passwords employ the SHA-512 method. Although there are no known flaws in this […]

Deploy an SSL Certificate

Security On a typical Carbonio CE installation, the rules in this section describe how to implement security. Place an SSL Certificate in […]

Utilising the Web Interface

Utilising the Web Interface You may use one of the supported browsers listed below to get to Carbonio’s web interface. Replace the […]

Get rid of the Carbonio logs

GET RID OF THE CARBONIO LOGS Version 23.3.0 no longer includes the carbonio-logger service since the upstream software is no longer supported […]

Installation on Multi servers

INSTALLATION ON MULTI SERVERS This section explains how to set up a Carbonio CE Multi-Server, or distributed Carbonio installation, where each node […]

Installation on a single server

Installation on a single server Each stage of the installation process on RHEL 8 or Ubuntu 20.04 is broken down into optional […]