Carbonio Changelog: Release 24.1.0

Release date: January 30, 2024. New features include the ability for administrators to manage domain disclaimers (AC-533). Now, the administrator may administer […]


Appointment An appointment is a private or public event scheduled on a calendar that may include other users and details (venue, meeting […]

Applications for Mobile Devices

The APPs listed below may be downloaded and installed on mobile devices running Android or iOS. They can communicate with either Carbonio […]

Carbonio CE Workstream Collaboration

The Carbonio Workstream Collaboration Role, which is currently in BETA, provides chat functionality as well as the ability to make video calls […]


The Settings module allows you to change both the design and functionality of the modules. Configuration choices are organised into four categories: […]


The Search module significantly enhances the search capabilities of the fast search top bar. Click the ADVANCED FILTER option to display a […]

Shared Folders

Shared Folders and You (with Your Mobile) Carbonio CE allows you to synchronise folders that are not owned by the user to […]


Carbonio Tasks is a component that lets you build basic entries to track your actions. Each job is generated by clicking the […]


Carbonio Docs is built on a significantly modified LibreOffice online package that enhances Carbonio CE’s capacity to allow all members of the […]