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Release date: January 30, 2024.

New features include the ability for administrators to manage domain disclaimers (AC-533).

Now, the administrator may administer a Domain Disclaimer, which allows for distinct disclaimers for internal and external receivers.

AC-795: Displayed Distribution List Owner Settings in Admin UI.

The mailing list owner settings are now displayed in the admin panel’s Distribution List field.

AC-809: Administrators can customise things per page.

Administrators may now define the number of “items per page” they want to display.

AC-851: Improved white label settings for background image ratios.

The white-label options now respect the background image ratio. Administrators may discover the specs in the background for the login page area. “The image must possess a minimum resolution of 1280×1080, a 16:9 ratio, and a size less than 800KB”

AC-854: Fixed. Invalid username creation from the name field’s special characters

The Email ID generation procedure has been improved to prevent automated email creation when the first name and last name contain any unusual characters. This patch tackles the issue of special characters in the Surname and Name boxes, which prevents Carbonio from automatically generating an email username with erroneous characters after submission.

AC-855: improved mailbox quota table with color-coded assignments

Color-coding makes the Mailbox quota table simpler to detect. Accounts that exceed >70% of the Mail Quota are shown in yellow, while those that surpass =>90% are marked in red.

AC-876: Users can request a token for the forget password web interface.

This update allows users to automatically obtain a token for webmail access if they forget their password. The administrator may now disable this function worldwide or selectively, whether for the entire system or individual domains. Notably, the forgotten password capability is intended to change the LOCAL (LDAP) password, not external LDAP/AD or application credentials. Users can take advantage of this by setting the OTP (one-time password).

AC-879: Update interface label to “User”
The General tab now shows “User” instead of “Username”, which improves clarity and user experience.

AC-892: MTA Queues Usability Improved
Improves the usability of the MTA queue interface by eliminating unnecessary information and optimising flow.

AC-897: Enhanced mail queue enables mass actions.
The Mail Queue capability has been considerably enhanced, allowing administrators to easily choose and conduct bulk actions on numerous mails from different queue spools. Whether it’s deleting, re-queuing, holding, releasing, or flushing, this update provides administrators with a powerful and efficient tool for controlling mail queues on MTA servers.

AC-903: Reorganisation of the Admin panel backup settings menu.
The Servers List in the Backup Settings menu of the Admin Panel has been moved to the top of the Global Server Settings list for better organisation.

AC-906: Improved virtual host validation for FQDN.
The virtualHost check has been updated to only accept Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN). VirtualHost now requires a FQDN, such as MAIL.DOMAIN.TLD, to ensure more accurate domain identification.

AC-909: Domain Administrator can specify the recovery address.
Domain administrators may now monitor user recovery email, establish recovery email, and control verification status in the “Security” page.

CO-802: Remove the “Keep” policy from folder retention.
The “keep” policy has been deleted, allowing for more efficient item removal using the increased “purge” policy. Enhanced user experience and system clarity.

CO-865: Set the default zimbraHttpDebugHandlerEnabled to False.

The default value for zimbraHttpDebugHandlerEnabled is now set to false. The boolean argument has changed from true to false.

CO-893: File upload quota validation improved.

The file upload API has been improved to verify whether the user’s current quota has been met. The user now accepts successful uploads within the defined quota limits but rejects uploads that exceed the user’s maximum quota.

CO-922: Refine the lost password email message.

Update the Forgotten Password email message to clearly state that the request is for a temporary authentication code, not a password reset.

CO-923: Implemented health endpoint in mailbox.

The health endpoint is introduced to the Mailbox service, which improves health checks and gives you more control over its availability and readiness.

CO-929: Fix the Milter starting logging error.

The milter startup logs no longer indicate an error about being unable to identify the appender “MILTER” for the logger config “root” in /opt/zextras/log/milter.out.

CO-930: Removed the YUICompressor library from the mailbox. 

Optimized logging by removing unneeded entries from mailbox.log, improving performance.

CO-931: Db-java – Clean Up Unused Methods and Classes

The proposed update aims to remove up unneeded methods and classes in the Db-java module, with a focus on the DbPool class. This cleaning improves code readability and simplifies the implementation of the Healthcheck functionality.

COR-1020: Enhanced notification access for delegated administrators

Delegated admins now have full access to notifications via email and the Admin UI, addressing and fixing the problem of notifications being confined to email only. This enhancement improves the overall experience of the platform’s delegated administrators.

IRIS-4513: Distribution List Owner Can Manage DL

The Distribution List owner may now control the DL directly from the ContactInput chip via the TO field.

IRIS-4765: Enhancing visibility of meeting room availability.

Users may now simply check the availability of Meeting Rooms using the dropdown menu. Unavailable Meeting Rooms provide an alert indicator and a warning message, allowing users to make educated decisions.

IRIS-4768: Improved display of equipment availability.

The upgrade allows users to determine Equipment availability in the dropdown using a visual indicator (alert icon) and a warning below the input. Users can still choose unavailable equipment. The display is verified for a variety of circumstances, including the appointment displayer and edit mode.

IRIS-4887: Improved folder sorting and filtering.

Users may now customise email sorting, allowing for a more customised approach to email management.

IRIS-4975: Change the “Edit distribution list” action symbol on the contact input chip.

On the ContactInput chip, two distinct icons for “Edit email” and “Edit DL” actions have been implemented, which are only accessible to the DL owner. This modification clarifies previous misunderstanding and improves the user experience.

Bugfixes: AC-882: Improved alias management using uniqueness check in admin panel.

Experience the newest Admin Panel update, which includes a uniqueness check that prevents the same alias from being assigned to two separate mailnames. This feature protects data integrity and prevents conflicts by issuing an error when trying multiple alias assignments.

CO-948: Resolve the ISP licence renewal end date problem.

The ISP licence has now been rectified, and the Carbonio system has been appropriately updated with the ISP licence expiration date.

CO-953: Fixed NullPointerException in the doUndelete procedure.

Previously, if carbonioNotificationRecipients at the domain level settings were empty, the doUndelete action would throw a NullPointerException and hang. The suggested approach focuses on handling this exception, enabling the action to continue even with an empty value. This guarantees that the doUndelete command runs smoothly.

COR-820: MySQLcheck error fixed in zmdbintegrityreport.

The update resolves a MySQLcheck issue in zmdbintegrityreport by completing essential cleanups in the MySQL datadir, especially the removal of empty directories. Validate the zmdbintegrityreport script after the upgrade to confirm that it runs without MySQLcheck failures and correctly eliminates empty folders

COR-979: The frequency of trustworthy IP logging is lowered.

The mailbox log has been optimised to avoid reporting ‘trusted IP’ entries every five seconds. This innovation provides effective logging by collecting trustworthy IP addresses only during mailbox reload, resulting in fewer superfluous log entries.

COR-992: Refactor ISP Licence Management

The code has now been refactored to appropriately maintain ISP licences as ISPs, ensuring they are different from paid licences in Carbonio.

IN-644: Fixing keytool execution failure during the carbonio-core post-installation phase

Resolves the keytool execution failure issue during the carbonio-core post-install scriptlets, allowing the product to work properly. The modification corrects the misaligned syntax that was producing the Illegal option error in the keytool -list command.

IRIS-4258: Unified option naming for calendar editing.

For the unified calendar editing option names, ‘Edit calendar properties’ is now chosen.

IRIS-4534: Improved ‘Delete All’ UI Functionality We improved the UI behaviour for selecting and deleting/moving all initial mail items. The system now properly loads the next 100 elements without leaving the column blank, as long as there are still mail elements in the folder. When you click the ‘Select All’ option, you will also receive a message that all visible objects have been selected.

IRIS-4593: Improved cancellation emails for shared calendars

The shared calendar now allows you to delete individual occurrences inside a recurring appointment. This feature offers smooth processing of cancellation notifications and calendar event changes on the recipient’s end.

IRIS-4721: Improved “Mark as Important” option in Carbonio Mail Composing.

Now the user may label it as important. When sending an email, this action causes the email to be received on the other end with an extra priority classification. High-priority mail is received with a “RED up Arrow” in the recipient’s inbox.

IRIS-4760: Resolved incorrect signature issue on reply/forward.

The issue with erroneous signatures during Reply and Forward actions has now been fixed. Previously, customers reported that the default account signature was applied wrongly, despite having customised signatures specified for aliases. The team’s meticulous efforts were effective in addressing this issue

IRIS-4880: User allows multiple calendar sharing.

Users may now add and save multiple share recipients to calendars. Previously, users were limited to keeping only the most recent share recipients.

IRIS-4918: Calendar feature may be shared publicly.

Public calendar sharing now works.

IRIS-4992: Improved scrolling in conversation mode for lengthy emails.

Previously, scrolling through long emails in conversation mode resulted in surprising leaps to the top. Scrolling now works as predicted, and emails remain in place while navigating.

IRIS-5009: Maintain sorting order when folders change.

The earlier issue with emails appearing unsorted after moving folders and returning to the original folder in Carbonio Web Mail has been resolved. Users may now anticipate messages to keep their sorting order, especially when changing viewing modes and sorting by date.

MOB-422: Calendar invite reply template corrected for iOS

Resolve difficulties with Carbonio iOS’s calendar invite reply template. This patch seeks to enhance the correctness and functionality of calendar invite replies, resulting in a more consistent and dependable user experience on the iOS platform.