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The Search module significantly enhances the search capabilities of the fast search top bar. Click the ADVANCED FILTER option to display a dialogue that allows you to fine-tune the search parameters for all of your e-mails.

You can combine multiple search criteria, some of which are inclusive or exclusive (for example, you can search for e-mails with or without attachments, flagged or unflagged, read or unread), while others allow you to provide values for almost any other property of an e-mail, such as sender or recipient, subject or keywords, type of attachment, and limit the search based on a time period or size interval.

You may also search for e-mails based on tags and filter your results to certain folders. When all parameters have been input, click SEARCH to begin the search, then RESET to clear the dialogue.

To open an e-mail from the results list, click on any of them. To narrow your search, click the blue bar above the list of emails. The dialogue will reopen with the same criteria as before: you can add or remove some of the limitations.