Carbonio Email Service provider

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White labelling is supported by Carbonio, making it possible to swiftly alter several elements of its online interface to reflect a company’s unique corporate brand.

You must specify a value for options in order to turn on White Labelling for a domain and start altering Carbonio’s design.

  • Public Service Host Name is located in the General Settings section of the domain as aphostname.
  • Apvhost appears in the domain’s Virtual Hosts & Certificates section as the virtual host name.

The Carbonio Admin Panel’s Domains Global Theme (global customizations, applicable to all defined domains) or Domains menus contain all the White Labelling options. Details and Theme (to override the global settings and alter them just for one domain).

Each and every resource used for white labelling has to have a working URI and be accessible from Carbonio.

Ensure that the server’s SSL certificate is current and valid, as well as that its FQDN can be resolved from Carbonio (from the Proxy Node in the case of a Multi-Server configuration), in the event that the resources are hosted on a server that is not a part of the Carbonio infrastructure.

By uploading those resources to a directory called, for instance, /opt/zextras/web/custom/ (create it if it does not already exist) and using the URL https:///static/custom/, where is the FQDN of the Single-Server or of the Proxy Node in a Multi-Server environment, you can expose those resources using Carbonio’s Proxy Node in a secure manner.

Additionally, it is essential to maintain synchronisation between the resources on each instance of the proxy in a multi-server system with many proxy nodes.

By selecting the RESET option, all customizations can be deleted at once.