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Developers can use a few APIs provided by Zextras to communicate with the current version (23.9.0) of Carbonio components. Follow the URLS to view their documentation:

  • The primary Carbonio functionalities are accessed through SOAP communication using the Carbonio API.
  • For handling the uploading, downloading, and linking to BLOB files, use Carbonio Files Blob.
  • Metadata from Carbonio Files Metadata API

Independent APIs

The majority of Carbonio’s integrated software exposes its own API to permit programmatic access to its functions. This is the situation with the ClamAV protocol, clamd. However, clamd also lists potentially harmful commands like shutdown that should never be made available to the public. Therefore, a new strategy must be used to solve the problem. One such strategy is to utilise a docker image that serves as a proxy for clamd’s interface, such as (see also the accompanying documentation). However, this strategy has not yet been properly examined