Carbonio Email Service provider

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The release date is October 31st, 2022.


  • AUTH-312 is the issue number.
  • Support for SAML POST logout has been implemented.
  • The Zextras Suite authentication now supports logouts via POST requests on SAML authentication.
  • AUTH-422 is the issue number.
  • Fix for incorrect error messages during login
  • Description: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect error messages to be displayed on login for non-existent users or when inputting incorrect passwords.

  • AUTH-439 is the issue number.
  • Title: Ldap password expiration fixes all Service Credentials expiration
  • Description: Fixed an issue that caused all service credentials (imap, smtp, pop3, etc.) to expire when the LDAP password expired.

  • MOB-366 is the issue number.
  • Attendees Update on Fixed Appointment Cancellation
  • Description: Fixed a problem that prevented attendees from receiving an update when removing them from an appointment, resulting in the appointment remaining on their calendar.
  • MOB-389 is the issue number.
  • Recurring events exceptions synchronisation is now corrected.
  • Description: A issue was fixed that prevented repeating event exceptions from being synchronised with mobile devices via EAS.
  • MOB-390 is the issue number.
  • Outlook app loop has been resolved.
  • Description: A issue that caused the Outlook app synchronisation to begin looping when utilising the remote search has been fixed.
  • MOB-392 is the issue number.
  • Accepting a single instance of a scheduled appointment
  • When the attendee accepts the invitation, a single instance of an appointment in the organizer’s calendar is shifted back to the original time.
  • PS-446 is the issue number.
  • doMoveBlobs disregards accounts removed during the operation
  • The doMoveBlobs action now ignores accounts that are removed after the process begins.
  • TEAMS-3891 is the issue number.
  • 2.12’s audio quality is worse than 2.11’s.
  • We discovered that the echo cancellation functionality is no longer functional owing to an issue with the keys we used to preserve the availability of echo cancellation on suite. We’ve repaired it
  • TEAMS-3928 is the issue ID.
  • Fix for instant meeting blank screen
  • Fixed a problem that caused a blank screen to appear while joining an instant meeting.