Carbonio Email Service provider

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Bootstrap Carbonio CE.

The bootstrap command will run a variety of operations and configure the node. At the end, you will be presented with a menu, and if you have previously configured everything, all you need to do is click y to confirm.

Set up Carbonio Mesh.

Carbonio Mesh is essential to provide communication between Carbonio CE and its components. The configuration is produced interactively using the command.

The command will:

  • ask for the IP address and netmask.
  • Request the Carbonio Mesh secret, which is required for configuration, management, and access to the administrative GUI. For further details, please see the Carbonio Mesh Administration Interface section.
  • This password will be referred to as MESH_SECRET throughout the manual.
  • If you lose your password or the credential file becomes damaged and unreadable, follow the steps outlined in the Carbonio Mesh Credentials section to reset it.
  • Save the configuration in the file /etc/zextras/service-discover/cluster-credentials.tar.gpg.

To complete the Carbonio Mesh installation, run

Retrieve the LDAP Administrator Password.

After installing this role, you may acquire the password by running the following command:

The password acquired will be required to install all additional roles.