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The release date is set for October 4th, 2021.


  • AUTH-300 is the issue number.
  • OTP Label is now configurable.
  • Users may now alter the labels of freshly created TOTPs.


  • DRIV-1207 is the issue number.
  • Drive has replaced Zimbra Drive as the window title.
  • The title of the Drive window for external users has been modified to “Drive”.


  • PS-325 is the issue number.
  • Improved Mailbox Movement Speed
  • Optimisations to the MailboxMove command action now speed up the procedure, lowering the time required.
  • PS-342 is the issue number.
  • Tika indexing exceptions management has been improved.
  • Documents that return 204 (no content) or 422 (unprocessable entity) HTTP codes as a consequence of Tika processing are no longer re-tried, and a log is now reported in the mailbox.a log file.


  • TEAMS-2317 is the issue number.
  • Title: Improved Team Performance to Reduce Lag
  • Zextras Team now runs better and no longer lags after extended use.

  • TEAMS-2440 is the issue ID.
  • Updated logs for the ChatAutoCleanup method
  • The ChatAutoCleanup method no longer displays incomplete logs.

  • TEAMS-2510 is the issue ID.
  • Teams no longer retains the mute status of leaving users.
  • Teams no longer remember members’ mute state, and users returning to an ongoing chat are not muted – regardless of their silent status upon left.
  • TEAMS-3034 is the issue ID.
  • Team file download has been improved.
  • Users may have problems when downloading files supplied by other users. The download of a file through one-to-one chat no longer fails on occasion owing to buffer difficulties.
  • TEAMS-3108 is the issue ID.
  • Title: A paste problem in Chrome versions greater than 91 has been resolved.
  • Description: Resolved an issue where users using Chrome versions higher than 92 encountered problems while copying text into a discussion.